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Carry Awards


Hall of Fame – The Sixth Annual Carry Awards

by , June 16, 2018

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

There’s no easy road to becoming a carry icon. But The North Face Base Camp Duffel has never been one to shy away from rough terrain or hard-fought journeys. Freezing snow-packed slopes, off-road vehicle roof racks, searing deserts and rocky mountain passes…it’s right at home in all of them. Instantly recognizable. And probably looking none the worse for wear.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

The Base Camp first strode onto the carry scene in 1979, originally called The North Face Soft Luggage Duffel. Jump to 1985 and a name swap to the Base Camp Vinyl Duffel, clearly indicating its regular stomping ground. Shortly afterwards it became what is today, the Base Camp Duffel, and has remained a beacon in adventurous carry spheres ever since.

One of its primary draws is its extremely rugged construction featuring 1000D phthalate-free TPE fabric laminate and 840D Jr. ballistic nylon. Tough enough to take a beating in diverse conditions and keep on going strong. Snow. Sun. Rain. Temperature extremes.

But the bag’s simple and effective design is a huge part of its appeal too. Essentially one compartment that’s easy to pack thanks to the large U-shaped opening and semi-structured material. A bag literally designed to throw your gear in and go, whether you’re hitting the gym, enjoying a weekend getaway or are venturing off on a gear-heavy expedition. It’s fuss-free. Adaptable. Willing to roam pretty much anywhere. And that’s why people love it. Yes, you can haul it up a mountain. But you can also sling it over your shoulders for a short city break. Chilling by your side in airports or knuckling down for some outdoor action…it’s cool with either.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

Although it’s had a few design updates along the way, it’s remained essentially the same beast throughout its history spanning over three decades. And that, coupled with its never-waning popularity, really says something about its timeless, functional design. Proud owners keep coming back to it, again and again, because it simply works and doesn’t give up. Much respect, The North Face. This is a piece truly deserving of a standing ovation.



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