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Carry Awards VII: Huckberry Selects…

by , May 23, 2019

A dialed-in blend of form and function? Practicality with just the right amount of form and flair? Quality that will serve you well years down the line? Our friends at Huckberry spot it a mile off. After all, it’s what they do. Finding and curating top-notch gear from around the world that fulfils these criteria. So we asked for their take on top contenders for our Carry Awards. See who they’d award category gold to for Best Carry-On, Best EDC and Best Accessory…

Best Carry-On: Mystery Ranch Mission Rover

Rugged Travel Backpack

One-bag travel is the cat’s meow as far as we’re concerned: no losing your luggage, no overpacking, and just one bag to carry with you. Our bag of choice? The Mission Rover. This sleek backpack/suitcase/duffel hybrid is sized to fit most airline carry-on requirements and outfitted with numerous features that make it an absolute travel workhorse. An ample 43L of capacity can easily fit a weekend’s worth of gear—or even a week if you’re going the minimalist route. The clamshell opening gives you unrivaled access to your goods, and there’s three ways to carry so you’re always comfortable. Add in the fact that it’s built by the guys who outfit Navy SEALs, hotshots, and others who demand the most from their packs, and you’ve got a bombproof travel bag that won’t let you down anytime soon. Don’t miss our exclusive Foliage colorway, a subtle blend of gray and green inspired by MR’s Air Force packs.

Best EDC: The James Brand Ellis Knife

The James Brand Ellis Knife

The Ellis is a featherweight keychain knife that punches way above its weight class. Thanks to its crafty, functional design and lightweight build, it’s a keychain knife that we actually want to carry on our keychains, unlike others out there that feel like paperweights in your pocket. The build starts with lightweight aluminum scales that are anodized to resist corrosion, and incorporates a versatile, partially serrated blade of Sandvik steel, the gold standard for high-performance pocket tools. It also packs two other multi-function tools that compound its utility: a screwdriver/bottle opener and a prybar/scraper. All things we don’t like to leave the house without, packed into a slimline form factor that’s about as sexy as sexy gets when it comes to EDC, making the Ellis a no-brainer addition to any EDC loadout. Keep on knollin’.

Best Accessory: Peak Design Tech Pouch

Peak Design Tech Pouch

The best thing about the Tech Pouch? It’s got a spot for all of your tech-related EDC, so you can just stuff it into a bag and go without worrying about forgetting something or having to find sixteen different cords, chargers, and dongles before you get out the door. The Tech Pouch’s ingenious internal organization is a marvel of organizational design that features stretch pouches, dividers, zippered pockets, pen holders, and more—the list goes on too long to keep going, but take our word for it, there’s a place for everything. The pouch unfolds clamshell-style for easy access to everything inside, but it doesn’t unfold flat—in yet another stroke of genius, it’s designed to stop at the perfect angle to be able to stand up on its own. Well done, Peak Design, well done.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.