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Carry Awards


Best Specialist Bag 2019

by , July 16, 2019

The Best Specialist focuses on fulfilling a particular carry need well, from tackling bulky carry objects to providing a trusty barrier against the elements…

1st Place

ONFAdd Wrapping Backpack

A lot of bags are created to hold specific items, and won’t offer much versatility beyond a small sphere of gear. But ONFAdd’s Wrapping Backpack takes a different approach, standing out by specializing in incredible carry versatility.

ONFAdd Wrapping Backpack

The bag takes inspiration from Japanese furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth that can accommodate a variety of items. The pack can be opened out flat and then secured around objects with straps and buckles. And the carry possibilities are impressive. Need to carry a chair? No problem. How about a bike wheel? Sure thing. Large bulky boxes? You’re covered.

However, the Wrapping Backpack can also be carried in a default slim, compact profile. So you can easily use it as an everyday bag for smaller day-to-day loads. And with a choice of pockets for organization, including a dedicated 15″ laptop pocket, smaller items remain easily accessible.

ONFAdd Wrapping Backpack

With its highly adaptable design, the Wrapping Backpack – by a small boutique brand with a big imagination – is a truly clever solution for carrying bulky, awkward items. All the while delivering the flexibility to serve as a sleek and streetwear-vibed EDC bag too. Fantastic job, ONFAdd!


Highly Commended

These are the pieces that just missed out, and in most cases, by the smallest of margins. To them, we award a High Commendation. The below were of outstanding quality, displaying fine craftsmanship and design flair. With honor, we bow our heads in the utmost respect and kudos. If this were a dais, they’d be biting their teeth into silver medals, while their flags were hoisted into the horizon – a feat not to be overlooked. And we’re sure they’ll be back, to take it one notch higher, next year.

Mustang Survival Greenwater Waterproof Deck Bag

Mustang Survival Greenwater Waterproof Deck Bag

Heading on an ocean voyage? You’ll likely need gear with you. And when you can’t afford for it to get wet (such as electronics, documents or a dry change of clothes), the Greenwater Waterproof Deck Bag steps in to save the day. Built tough to embrace demanding outdoor environments, the bag combines a 420D Hypalon shell and a YKK Aquaseal zipper. And the result is a hard-wearing, waterproof carry option for protecting essentials from the elements. The rubberized, reinforced handles will withstand none-too-gentle handling, with tie-down points also available to secure it in place. And with 35L and 65L options, you’re covered for smaller and larger loads alike. Solid work, Mustang Survival!

Colfax Design Works Project T.O.A.D. DryBag

Colfax Design Works Project T.O.A.D. DryBag

Adventures can be hard going. Not to mention a prime opportunity for the elements to get at your gear. But Colfax Design Works doesn’t think that should stop you from getting out there. So they created the Project T.O.A.D. DryBag. A burly, 100% waterproof bag that is part of their Tactical Operations Amphibious Drybags collection. The rugged bag is made in the USA (a huge achievement for such a small brand) with waterproof coated Cordura and YKK Aquaseal zippers. An integrated locking buoyancy valve allows you to easily inflate or deflate the bag on the go, and the submersible build will protect your gear every splash and dunk of the way. And because adventures often require you to adapt on the fly, the T.O.A.D. DryBag provides flexible portability options too. Haul it as a duffel or backpack or utilize the lash points to secure it to vehicle racks. When adventure calls and you need a rugged, reliable way to carry your gear while keeping it safe and dry, this bag is ready to answer. Bravo, Colfax Design Works!


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