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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 8 February

Week In Review ~ 8 February

by , February 8, 2015

A bag that carries your camera as easily as your lunch, a duffle-meets-backpack that can kick it in the airport or the gym, plus luggage that makes you feel like you’ve really arrived (even before you’ve left)… We’re dishing out the details on all this and more in our Week In Review…

Ready for on-the-go action


Work, gym, the airport departure lounge…the KP SUB (Sports Utility Bag) is at home in all these environments. Taking design inspiration from SUVs, the SUB is designed to handle a variety of carry needs and situations. It can alternate between duffle and backpack mode, with water-resistant construction and separate sections for EDC items, shoes and a laptop. If you’re keen to hook one for yourself, stay in the loop with availability updates from Keep Pursuing.

Camera carry in a daypack disguise

Brevitē Camera Backpack

Having your camera on hand means you’re ready when life dishes up those unexpected and amazing shots…but that doesn’t mean you want to advertise you’re carrying expensive equipment in an obvious camera bag. Plus it’s good to have the flexibility of carrying daily essentials too without hauling two separate bags. The Brevitē Camera Backpack is designed as an all-in-one camera bag and daypack, so you can keep your tech protected while also being able to stash a laptop, books, snacks, a jacket and other supplies inside. The padded camera insert can be removed if you want extra space and don’t need to carry your camera, while straps on the side and bottom of the pack can hold a tripod. Scope out the Brevitē Camera Backpack Kickstarter campaign for details on snapping up a pack.

Rolling the luxury into your next trip

Hartmann 7R Medium Journey SpinnerIf you’ve got the cash to splash and a desire for swish new luggage, the Hartman 7R collection is ready to roll with your travel carry needs. Lightweight but tough, the three spinners in the collection cover carry-on and check-in luggage for that upcoming important business trip or laidback getaway. Sensing a Samsonite vibe to the pieces? That would be the Curv® material, an innovative material also used by Samsonite who purchased the luxury luggage brand in 2012.

A natural addition to minimalist EDC

Aecraft Slim Wallet - Natural

If you love a bit of slim and stylish leather in your life, the Aecraft Slim Wallet is certainly a carry piece to consider adding to your pocket. Made by hand using full-grain Norwegian vegetable-tanned leather, the wallet holds up to 12 cards and cash – plus it’s just gotten an update in the form of the new Natural colorway which is a beautiful blank canvas for capturing your own carry story as it takes on a unique patina with use.

Have your say on who gets to carry home the gold

Carry Awards

In case you hadn’t noticed (highly unlikely 😉 ) our Third Annual Carry Awards are well and truly underway. We’d like to send a big shout out to everybody who cast their initial votes…but the journey doesn’t stop there! We’ve announced the finalists for Best Active Backpack, Best Work Backpack and Best Active Messenger – with plenty more on the way! – and the finalists need your voting love to help truly worthy winners get their time to shine in the spotlight. 🙂


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.