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Best Work Messenger Finalists :: Third Annual Carry Awards

Best Work Messenger Finalists :: Third Annual Carry Awards

by , February 9, 2015

Today, we’re talking work messengers (and including totes in the fold this year). The best, in fact. The pieces that have shined in the last year or so and caught our collective eyes. 

These shoulder strapped slingers look at home in the office, deal with laptops, some tech, a change of clothes, and can leg it with you on a bike, if you’re inclined to peddle to your 9 to 5.

And this year, we’ve got a diverse array (we’d have it no other way) of sleek leather craft, bold waxed canvas, and innovative slants on access and carry options – three of which refuse to be pigeonholed as simply ‘messengers’… and why not? Versatility is king, and the status quo is kinda boring, right?

But what do you dig? Are you a traditionalist who wants classic leather? Or are you after a messenger that can Autobot transform into a backpack or brief? The choice is yours! Vote now.

Your voting form is latched to the bottom of this post. You have two votes to use as you will…

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Defy Defender Workcase Waxed Canvas Edition

A classic shape outfitted with solid materials and hardware. As Defy puts it this bag is “Bad ass meets ‘Pardon me sir’.” We took it to Barcelona a few months back and found it bad ass indeed. But we recommend the canvas version because, for us, the structured leathers don’t have the same composure.

Defy Defender Waxed Canvas Series

BEXAR Goods Porter Satchel

Handmade from the finest leather, right in Texas USA. Equally handsome and useful. It can go 3 ways: satchel, brief or backpack, looking completely rad in each. These guys have made an instant classic. That’s one big digital slap on the back from us, BEXAR 😉

Bexar Porter Satchel

Mismo Sling Tote

Somewhere between art and fashion lies the Mismo Sling Tote. Yes, this is elaborate for a tote, but gosh dang is it attractive. The asymetric pockets, the luxurious materials, and the typical Mismo attention to detail all make this a tote you’d feel proud to present with infront of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark and Countess of Monpezat.

Mismo Sling Tote

Hard Graft Work Satchel

The leather is completely gorgeous, the details are perfect, the wool is awesome, the size is just right and it’s a great match between a hand strap and shoulder strap. Classic Hard Graft!

Hard Graft Work Satchel

Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase

Briefcase, backpack or shoulder bag, the 3 Way will accomodate with aplomb. Adapting the legendary 3Zip format to the front face of a briefcase, Mystery Ranch have moved strongly into the world bag area. Travel, work or play, you’ll find the 3 Way comfortably along for the ride.

Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase Expandable

Bleu De Chauffe Scott, The Writer’s Bag

Making a satchel from all leather is a hard act to nail. Most typically, you’re left with the feeling that you’re carrying half a dead cow with you. But every now and then a brand nails it, making leather look like the only material you should ever use. We think the Writer’s Bag achieves this, with a classic vibe aligned with modern conveniences.

Best Work Messenger Finalists :: Third Annual Carry Awards

Ideal and Co. Aire Messenger

It’s leather. It expands well. It looks like your father may have passed it down, and you’re likely to pass it on to your own child. It’s the Aire Messenger. Made in Portugal. Crafted by a long line of leather craftsman, and it shows. 

Ideal & Co Aire

Côte&Ciel Moselle

The Moselle should probably have sat amongst our Work Backpack nominations, but we think that most folk who will love this bag will be starting their search within shoulder bags. Combining a tote and a backpack, the Moselle gives you the effortless vibe of a good work satchel, but with the practicality of a backpack for riding or extended trips.


Pacsafe Z400

When trying to avoid a snatch-and-run, you can hand-cuff an aluminium brief case to your wrist, or just wear this comfortably over your shoulder. There’s not much difference in security, but there’s a lot of difference in the attention you’ll attract. We’ve been loving how several of Pacsafe’s recent products maintain their excellent security features, but no longer ask for a compromise in looks or weight. Handsome exterior, excellent organizing, and wonderfully light and tactile, this is a resolved design.

Pacsafe Z400

Seventy Eight Percent Dex

There’s a space between ‘design’ brands and fashion brands that is hard to occupy. You need to be innovative, but not gimmicky. You need to balance proportion with surprise. And you need to make practical pieces rather than just show pieces. Seventy Eight Percent walk this line brilliantly, and their latest Dex is a semi-formal bag that easily transitions between work and play.

Seventy Eight Percent Dex

Everlane Zip Twill Tote

You can pay enormous amounts for a tote, but at its essence, a tote is about a simple format in nice materials. Everlane nail this formula, offering a great looking tote at an even better looking price.

Everlane Twill Tote


*Voting closes 22nd Feb.


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