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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 5 October

Week In Review ~ 5 October

by , October 5, 2014

QWSTION ups the organization, Pelican takes to the skies and a protective pack leaps into the action of the sports world as we scope out the creativity that’s been cropping up in carry lately…

Serious carry for serious bikers

Velomacchi RollTop Backpack

If you regularly ride motorbikes but are struggling to find carry gear that meets your riding needs, the EDC gear from Velomacchi is likely to rev up your excitement levels. It’s designed to be tough and functional enough for privateers while also accommodating everyday, non-race environments too. Using their design expertise developed through working with top-notch brands around the world, the founders of Velomacchi have created a variety of carry gear options to suit motorbike riders, including a streamlined rolltop backpack, iPad sleeve, laptop sleeve, tool roll and cellphone charging pod. Anyone who’s keen to race off with Velomacchi’s gear can check out their Kickstarter campaign for further details.

Get set for sightseeing

Herschel Supply Co. Travel Collection for Fall 2014

The new releases hitting the Herschel shelves are aimed at people who are hitting the road. New styles and prints have steered their way into Herschel Supply Co.’s Fall 2014 Travel Collection. These range from dopp kits and the new Bowen duffel, two-wheeled Campaign and four-wheeled Highland which meet carry-on regulations for most major airlines, to larger pieces such as the Outfitter travel duffel and Outfitter Wheelie. Options including seasonal Geo and camo-style prints contribute to the colorway choices to cater to diverse personal tastes.

Impact protection for action sports

RXR Protect Shelter Backpack

Though action sports are packed full of fun and adrenaline-fueled adventure, they are not without risk. The SHELTER backpack from RXR Protect aims to reduce the risk inherent in such sports thanks to the integrated Air Shock Absorber technology which serves as an inflatable air cushion to provide protection against impacts to the wearer’s back. Further protection against injuries from any items that may be carried is provided by an inner reinforcement plate. The pack has a variety of pockets for organization, a volume of 18 liters and can be used in a range of active situations, from skiing to motorcycling.

Packing pockets for pleasant travels

QWSTION Modular PocketsIf your approach to packing leans towards everything in its right place rather than the chuck-it-all-in method, QWSTION’s new range of Modular Pockets is likely to appeal to your sense of packing preferences and will inject some understated Swiss style into your carry. The range includes a shoe bag, garment bag, toiletry kit, pencil case, camera case and travel wallet to help keep your bag contents in order when you’re on the go, whether it’s a short overnight trip or longer getaway.

Luggage that’s up for any adventure

Pelican ProGear™ Elite Luggage

Of all the carry items in existence, those that fall into the luggage category got a pretty rough deal. Getting hauled through storms, being tossed around by baggage handlers, having to bear heavy loads from other luggage placed on top…it’s a tough world for luggage. Luckily, Pelican’s new range of ProGear™ Elite luggage is constructed with these sorts of conditions in mind, so it’s ready to handle whatever is thrown at it. Watertight and crushproof, the range includes the Elite Vacationer, Elite Weekender and Elite Carry-On which all come with an optional Enhanced Travel System that features a detachable lid organizer, toiletry kit, shoe sack, laundry bag and garment bag (specific components of the Enhanced Travel System vary depending on the luggage model).


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