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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 23 November

Week In Review ~ 23 November

by , November 23, 2014

Prepared for another week of sweet new carry? Albeit in a slightly different flavor? Well, I hope so. You see, Catherine’s off on a well-deserved hiatus and I’ll be humbly taking the reins and wrangling together the best offerings of the last 7 days. And this week, the offerings a pretty lush.

You guys interested in Modern Industry’s first duffel, a new Kletterwerks colorway, an Alite x Boreas collab and a zipperless check-in with a little funk in its trunk? Of course you are…

Modern Industry Rolls Out New Duffel

I’ve always been a fan of what these guys do. A Kickstarter success story gone from strength to strength. And when my inbox blips with the subject title ‘The New Bag from Modern Industry!’, I’m clicking on that sucker pretty damn fast.

Enter ‘The Passenger‘, a roll-top duffel coined the ‘ultimate road dog’ and delivered with signature Modern Industry style. It has all the bells and whistles (check the graphic). And granted, some would call it overkill. I’ll simply call it pimped. This is drool-worthy stuff and only comes with one challenge: are you cool enough to pull it off?

Modern Industry Duffel

Kletterwerks :: Pretty in Red

Kletterwerks have focused a lot of effort on churning out packs for some of the hardest users in the world, with some of those hard-types requiring certain specs for their standard issue packs – color being one. SAR, medics, fire fighters, ski patrol and certain military units require red as the standard (who would of thought, huh?). That said, they’ve dropped their Patrol Red Collection available in all your favs. If you want heritage splashed with vibrant red (and want something to match your hood), then check these out.

Kletterwerks Red


Alite Aesthetic Meets Boreas Tech

These guys and gals have been working in the same digs for a while but, to my knowledge, they’ve never mashed their collective talents together to make the awesome happen. And this week, it actually happened! An Alite and Boreas carry lovechild, flaunting the best features from its Mum and Dad: Alite’s sweet understated stylings and Boreas’s Super-Tramp Suspension System. Nice!

Alite x Boreas

Zipperless Luggage with an Array of Techy Tricks 

I’ve had a handful of teched-up goods glide across my desk of late – it seems there’s quite a demand (and it’s making me question whether the widespread amalgamation of carry x tech is closer than we think).

In this case, Kickstarter’s Trunkster have served up a sleek, zipperless check-in piece that’s kitted out with a removable battery and USB port (allowing you to zap your phone back to life 7 times), a digital scale embedded in its handle for a quick and easy how-much-junk-did-I-bring-back-with-me test, and a GPS to track it down when bumbling airport staff have ‘misplaced’ it. Then consider the downplayed sci-fi shell…and you’ve got something that ticks a lot of boxes for travellers with a tech fetish.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.