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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 20 July

Week In Review ~ 20 July

by , July 20, 2014

Do you start to twitch when your small EDC items are out of place? Keen for bike carry that can wheel from the commute to the corporate world with ease? Want a streamlined pack that’s equally at home on the hills or hanging out with you in urban environments? Come and discover the fun things that carry creatives have been getting up to lately…

Working out the gym/office carry conundrum

Aer Duffel Pack

Trying to fit exercise into a busy day often requires taking gym gear to work. The problem though is that more often than not your gym bag isn’t going to be rocking an office-friendly style. So do you try and cram all your gym gear into your work bag? You’re probably not going to have space to do this and even if you do, it will require some crafty navigation each time you want to retrieve a work item without your gym clothes bounding forth and displaying themselves to the office. The folks behind Aer have put their minds towards overcoming this problem and have created the Aer Duffel Pack. The bag is designed to be smart enough for work use, with space for things like tech gadgets, documents and notebooks, while also accommodating gym clothing and shoes.  Intrigued? Well you can discover more via their Kickstarter campaign.

Bike to boardroom

Hard Graft Frame Folio

Fancy a bike bag that looks chic enough to walk into a corporate boardroom? Hard Graft’s Frame Folio is more than up for the challenge. Constructed out of vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the folio is suitable for carrying tech gadgets such as the iPad Air along with notebooks, pens, maps, phones, wallets or any other small items you want to have with you. The folio is attached to a bike frame via buckled straps and can be carried by hand or holding onto the strap handle when you reach your destination.

Nothing but leather

PACT Satchel

Do you love leather but aren’t so keen on thread and adhesives? The PACT collection of leather goods doesn’t have a stitch in sight and you won’t find any glue. What you will find is vegetable-tanned leather weaved and folded into a wallet and phone wallet, a tablet sleeve, a portfolio and a satchel available in cognac and natural colorways. Rather than including logos, each piece comes with a PactMark – a small pattern of open and closed circles – that is unique to the owner of the goods. If you’re eager to get into a pact with PACT check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Putting pint-sized carry in its place

This Is Ground Mod

There are plenty of awesome bags for carrying big things but sometimes it’s the little things that can be trickiest to carry. Pens and pencils develop an aversion to sunlight and dive for cover in the deepest, darkest recesses of your bag. Cables take fiendish pleasure in undoing your time-consuming wrapping. Previously pristine notebooks can emerge from your carry creased and dog-eared. However, the Mod from This Is Ground aims to put an end to these shenanigans, making sure your small EDC items know their place and behave rather than running amok. The Mod is a zipped case that accommodates a variety of lifestyle inserts to suit different needs such as traveling, writing, playing music, illustrating, photography and jewellery making to name a few. The inserts are connected to the case by magnets, making it quick and easy to change them depending on your requirements.

Ready for adventure in all its forms

Trakke Waxed Cotton Óg Backpack

Tough and minimalist – check. Compact but expandable as required – yes. Ready to battle mountains or sit snug and secure during a work commute – no problem. Trakke’s new Waxed Cotton Óg backpack is an 18-liter rolltop that loves overnight adventures, bike commutes, strolls in the park or hauling groceries – in fact, this hardy little pack doesn’t care what you put it through, so long as it’s out and about, getting used and embracing carry needs, no matter how diverse they may be.


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