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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 13 July

Week In Review ~ 13 July

by , July 13, 2014

Carry items that can change forms in order to suit your needs, travel companions that are keen to see the world with you and a new take on an old classic – come take a peek at the creativity, style and functionality that’s been popping up in the carry world recently…

Newcomers eager to be welcomed into the carry fold


Do you like the sound of a single piece of vegetable-tanned or recycled leather that can be folded into a bag or basket without the use of adhesives and unfolded again to save space when not in use? If that sounds dandy then check out Quinoa, a Kickstarter project that allows you to get DIY with your carry and storage items. Each piece in the Quinoa collection is assembled through a process of folding the leather and securing with brass button studs. Items include smaller and larger baskets, some of which can be converted into totes, as well as cases and a clutch.

Travel time with Tom

Tom Bihn

Hitting the road soon? Off on an adventure or getting ready for a business trip? If your carry appears just a little too tired to make the journey, with a forlorn just-go-on-without-me look about it, perhaps it’s time to give it a well-deserved rest and invest in some new travel gear. As luck would have it, Tom Bihn has recently released a number of new pieces that are eager to clock up the miles and seek out some adventure. The Aeronaut 30 and Night Flight Travel Duffle are both suitable as carry-on bags, while the Travel Laundry Stuff Sack keeps your clean and dirty clothes separate during your travels. The Daylight Backpack works for day trips, work commutes, outdoor explorations and pretty much anywhere you want to keep your carry light and compact. If you’re after somewhere to store small items during your travels, the Q-Kit will get the job done and is suitable for the likes of coin carry, storing cables, holding hair accessories and any other bits and pieces you want to keep in an easily accessible location.

Bold beauty from Bexar

Bexar Goods Co. Porter Satchel

Bexar Goods Co. make superb leather goods, the kind you hold on to for a lifetime, and their Porter Satchel is no exception. However, now you can enjoy something extra special. A custom color Porter Satchel in a striking tan and brown colorway created for Carryology – how awesome is that?! Yup, we thought it was beyond awesome too…and even better is a great discount for our fine Carryology readers on this handsome satchel in any of its colorways.

Helpful carry to pick up for your packing

PICPAC Shu Pac and Zip Pac

Hopping back into the travel world, if you love keeping your clothes and shoes organized in your bag and don’t want to resort to plastic bags for your shoes or bulky storage for your clothes then you may want to roll with the PICPAC Shu Pac and Zip Pac. The Shu Pac prevents dirt from your shoes getting onto your clothing, while the Zip Pac provides handy storage for rolled-up items and rolls up itself into a compact form in order to take up less space in your luggage.

A new take on an old favorite

Chrome Rustic Classic Messenger

Sometimes you want a complete refresh…out with the old, in with the new. Other times you want a change that’s a little less dramatic, maintaining the familiar but with just enough of a twist to keep things exciting. The latter is the approach Chrome have taken with their new Rustic Classic Messenger. The bag retains Chrome’s Classic Messenger shape but the bottom bucket is made out of synthetic suede, giving it a more rustic style and feel and also making it a vegan-friendly option for people who like the look of leather but would prefer an alternative in their carry.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.