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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 1 November

Week In Review ~ 1 November

by , November 1, 2015

Corralling keys, waterproof and shock-proof iPhone protection, plus a travel bag that keeps you connected on the go. Welcome to our Week In Review…

More than just a bag


Fancy carrying around a seat, a mat, a hanger and a bag everywhere you go? Didn’t think so. Completely impractical, right? Well, not with EVENaBAG PLUS. This clever piece of carry is a messenger bag that can quickly convert into a seat, mat or hanger wherever you are. Use it as a seat or mat at the park or a festival, convert it into a hanger for easy access to items during your travels or day-to-day tasks, or keep it in messenger format for carrying your work tools to the office. The PLUS version is constructed from a water-resistant PVC-free and TPU-coated fabric. However, the bag’s Kickstarter campaign also offers the CLASSIC version with leather and a third BASIC option that provides just the bag without the additional three features. Learn more here.

A case that will have iPhone users barking for joy

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Case

Water and gravity are not your iPhone’s friend. Luckily, with Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit Impact iPhone 6s/6s Plus case these foes become all bark and no bite. Labeled the slimmest waterproof and drop-proof iPhone case of its kind, it lets your phone enjoy the benefits of 9H flexible glass impact screen protection, which is the highest standard of impact screen protection in the world, as well as waterproof and shock-proof properties up to 6.6 feet. The rubber bumper assists with grip and shock protection, and other elements such as snow, sand and dirt will also be kept at bay for added peace of mind when your phone takes a tumble.

Elegant carry for EDC essentials

Teranishi Hinge Backpack

Chic, compact and carefully constructed, the Hinge pack from Teranishi ticks all the right boxes for a classy and minimalist daypack that looks sleek in the city or on your travels. Featuring a hinge-like design, the slanted opening provides easy access to the contents, with an internal sleeve that fits a 13-inch laptop. The Hinge daypack merges an attractive silhouette with meticulous craftsmanship using hard-wearing waxed canvas and vegetable-tanned leather to create a bag that not only looks good but handles daily use with ease.

Bon Voyage

This Is Ground Voyager Travel Bag

A good travel bag and access to quick Wi-Fi can make all the difference when it comes to enjoyable traveling. Actually having both at the same? That’s the tricky part – but not with the new Voyager travel bag from This Is Ground. This Italian leather weekender features a wide opening for easy access to the contents, three internal pockets, and two external pockets including a quick-access tech pod for keeping small travel and tech items organized and conveniently within reach. Though the Voyager can be purchased by itself, This Is Ground have also partnered with Karma to provide a Wi-Fi enabled version that comes with a Karma Go in a leather sleeve, so you can enjoy Wi-Fi on the go anywhere in the US.

The key to keeping your pocket carry in check

Weave Got Keys Carbon Fiber Carabiner Key Holder

For being some of the smallest items we carry frequently, keys can also be some of the most frustrating. They jingle, dig into you when they’re in your pocket, leave their unwelcome mark on other items in your pocket or bag, and can be a hassle to retrieve quickly when you need them. Weave Got Keys has got your back though. This carabiner key holder keeps your keys neat and tidy in a compact form that can be easily attached to a belt loop, bag or hooked high up on your pocket to keep it separate from other items. You can access your keys in a jiffy when you need them and store them safely away when you don’t. Plus you can use it to hold other items too such as a multitool, USB flash drive or bulky car keys. Weave Got Keys is constructed using carbon fiber and titanium for lightweight strength and durability. Check out the Weave Got Keys Kickstarter campaign to learn more.


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