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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 1 June

Week In Review ~ 1 June

by , June 1, 2014

We love hearing about new carry developments and the world of carry has definitely been buzzing with plenty of them recently. New creations have been popping up left, right and centre and it’s a pretty varied selection we’re sharing with you in this Week In Review…

Aecraft takes a stand for multipurpose protection

Week In Review ~ 1 June

It’s not always possible to have a handy flat surface nearby for your MacBook – and even when you do your body can be subjected to unnecessary strain whilst using your device. However, the Peak from Aecraft aims to change this. The Peak is a portable MacBook stand as well as a cover so you can keep your tech protected while minimizing your carry, plus the design facilitates airflow to prevent your device from overheating. Available in black and natural colorways, the handmade Peak incorporates South African Merino wool felt and Norwegian vegetable-tanned leather and accommodates the MacBook Air 13″ and MacBook 13″ Retina Display.

Lexdray changes up the look for summer

Week In Review ~ 1 June

Summer is often a time that inspires people to change up their style a little and the same can be said for carry. Lexdray have given their Tokyo Pack, Boulder Pack and Shanghai Tote a makeover for their Summer 2014 collection. The new versions come in black 1680D ballistic nylon with a dash of exterior color courtesy of the navy detailing and striped webbing. The understated exterior contrasts with each piece’s interior custom camo lining. The collection is available in limited numbers from Lexdray’s website.

Pint-sized portability and full of functionality

Week In Review ~ 1 June

It’s likely that at some point you’ve found yourself in a situation where having a stand for your smartphone, tablet, digital camera or a piece of paper would be pretty convenient. What wouldn’t be so convenient is having to carry around lots of different stands all the time on the off chance that you’ll need them. It seems like the designers behind the WalletM8 feel the same way, as their creation can do all of these tasks and is only the size of a credit card when disassembled, making it easy to carry around in your wallet. If you’re keen to find out more, check out the WalletM8 Kickstarter campaign.

A flexible facelift for your EDC

Week In Review ~ 1 JuneOne of the chief carry conundrums is that one bag doesn’t fulfil all our carrying needs – and in most cases, doesn’t fulfil our regular EDC needs either. Could the FaceOff messenger be a solution to accommodating changing EDC requirements? The messenger is designed as a base bag that accepts a variety of interchangeable flaps, so you can pick one to suit your work environment, another for leisure use, swop over to the EL light-stripe flap for cycling or expand the bag’s capacity by choosing the flap with external pockets. If this changeable carry piques your interest, discover more here.

Get on top of travel organization

If you love travel bags with oodles of organization options, the Only One (OO) series of bags could be what you’re after for your next trip (or a work commute). Available as a 30-liter or 35-liter backpack as well as a 35-liter trolley bag, each piece incorporates a main compartment divided into three sections, plus plenty of internal and external easy-access pockets. To see the bag in use, have a look at this video.


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