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5 Mins with Kavala Postal Carriers

5 Mins with Kavala Postal Carriers

by , May 30, 2014

Asian carry brands have been doing interesting things in recent times, the continent raising its hand as one to watch when it comes to carry. This week, we spoke to Singapore-based Kavala Postal Carriers, a brand who prides itself on blending the familiar with a large dose of personality. We dropped business manager, Kelvin Goh, a line to talk about his brand, his carry crushes and what makes them tick…



What key insights drive your stuff?

I think it would be best to quote our designer, Jaren Goh. “If you buy something new today, you want people to notice it. Preferably crediting you for it. This is basic human vanity. Nothing gives you that money well spent sensation more than someone complimenting you on that purchase. Flattery makes my day. And you cannot do that if you stay familiar and obscure.”

We feel that Kavala is simply made to not to be ignored. It is for the confident, cosmopolitan male. Meticulous in detail and unapologetic in style.

Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important? 

We think KILLSPENCER makes spectacular carry. Unlike Kavala, which serves more as a dress bag, KILLSPENCER bags are awesome as a guy’s utility bag. We love their adamant use of leather as a base material for many of their products with cleverly positioned accessories and details. And who would argue against an expertly crafted leather bag?

What’s next for you guys?

We will be extending our range to include female carriers. It will probably happen in November but not before another range of male carriers hits the scene in July 2014.


What do you carry daily?

Not to sound cheesy or pretentious, we do in fact carry our own carrier series. Of course, it makes sense to create something we would love to use ourselves. That is probably one of the perks. We have the tote and backpack for everyday commuting between work and home. And they are nifty for our standard EDCs like laptops, tablets, hps and the occasional gym clothes etc.


I personally switch between KILLSPENCER’s charcoal grey weekender and Kavla’s duffel when I need to hop around town.






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