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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 31 January

Week In Review ~ 31 January

by , January 31, 2016

A portable power bank that can fit in your wallet, a classy watch roll to keep your expensive timepieces safe and sound, plus a new tactical pouch from Triple Aught Design. Learn more in our Week In Review…

Staying dry in seas and storms

Drift Dry USA

A water-resistant bag will happily take care of a little rain here and there. If however boat trips and water-based activities are the norm, you need a bag that goes beyond basic water protection. The Drift Dry USA range of bags don’t mess around when it comes to protecting your gear from a solid dunking or drenching. These waterproof and fully submersible bags are made in the USA, Berry Compliant, and adaptable to a range of environments, from military to outdoor and everyday use.

Tech charging and syncing, all in a wallet-friendly format

PlusUs LifeCard and LifeLink

While phones are a key component of EDC, bulky power supplies don’t have to be. The PlusUs LifeCard is a 1500 mAh power bank as thin as three credit cards. Its compact form enables it to be carried in a wallet so it’s always on hand when needed to give your phone an emergency power boost. Available in a variety of finishes, the LifeCard features an inbuilt cable and LED indicators for easy charging. While the LifeCard takes care of your phone’s juice, the PlusUs LifeLink helps you slim down your cable EDC. This conveniently portable USB cable can be carried in a wallet or attached to a key ring, keeping it within easy reach when you need to sync and charge devices. Available in Apple Lightning and Micro USB options, the cable measures just 3.5 inches long when folded, and is constructed using flexible and hard-wearing Teflon.

A carabiner that takes securing keys to the next level

Binary Titanium Key Carabiner

Need to carry keys and other small items on your belt loop or bag? No problem. Attach them onto a carabiner and you’re good to go. That is, until they go. Slipping the carabiner on and off your belt loop or bag can result in the items attached to it falling off (sometimes even without you noticing). That’s not something you need to worry about with the Binary Titanium Key Carabiner though. The carabiner features a safety gate to secure attached items while the carabiner is open. Available in three sizes, the carabiner also includes a built-in bottle opener. Hook one for yourself via the Binary Titanium Key Carabiner Kickstarter campaign.

Keeping important tools at the ready with an EDC pouch

Triple Aught Design SERE Pouch 1

Getting into tricky situations is sometimes unavoidable. The new SERE Pouch 1 from Triple Aught Design is on hand to help get you out of them. Constructed out of 500D Cordura, this micro tool roll features vertical and horizontal compression straps, five compartments for storing small tools, as well as a removable micro sheath. The vertical lashing strap is MOLLE compatible, allowing the SP1 to be attached to a PALS platform and remain in place when open, serving as a mobile workspace. An ITW G-hook provides secure closure, and the pouch can either be purchased by itself or with an optional Escape and Evasion Kit that includes a range of tools such as lockpicks, universal handcuff keys and a folding razor saw.

A touch of luxury for protecting precious timepieces

Discommon Goods Watch Roll

Some watches are more than just functional tools for telling the time. They’re an investment, a beautiful piece of art that you want to enjoy for years to come – and even pass on to future generations. Such pieces deserve proper protection when they’re not on your wrist, and this is where the Discommon Goods Watch Roll comes in. Sleek and compact in design, the Watch Roll features a 3mm D3O® AERO foam core liner that provides impact protection and shock absorption for both sides of each watch in the roll. The Watch Roll also features leather fold lines to assist in neatly rolling your watches, with four tweed-lined pockets for your timepieces. Available in a choice of fabrics, the Watch Roll includes further storage space for a spare strap and watch tool.

Putting the focus on fast and functional access

The North Face Access Pack

Dropping a sneak peak into their Fall/Winter 2016 collection, The North Face have dished up a backpack that puts convenient access front and center. Suitably named the Access Pack, the bag features one-touch entry to the main compartment, as well as ejector tabs for easy access to gear in individual pockets. In addition, the pack’s exo-skeletal structure provides protection for expensive tech. See the pack in action here.


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