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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 24 April

Week In Review ~ 24 April

by , April 24, 2016

Filson gets cozy with suede, a picnic bag and blanket in one, and phone protection that doesn’t forget intriguing looks and feel. Find out more in our Week In Review…

Handsome and hard-wearing daily carry

Filson Weatherproof Suede collection

Filson are known for their rugged gear – but their new collection brings a whole lot of style to their trusted toughness too. Filson’s Weatherproof Suede collection showcases beautiful and hard-wearing North American hides tanned in Chicago by the Horween Leather Company. The full-grain, roughout boot leather is weatherproofed for enhanced durability and protection from the elements. The collection features a versatile range of pieces to suit work and play environments, including the Rugged Suede Backpack, Rugged Suede Tote, Medium Rugged Suede Pouch and Medium Rugged Snap Wallet. See them in all their refined ruggedness here.

Fire and water in a flexible form

Minimal Water Bottle

Hiking, hitting the gym, staying hydrated at your desk…the humble water bottle gets around – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy journey. A lot of water bottles are bulky, heavy and a bit of a hassle to pack and carry. The folks behind the Minimal Design Company figured there must be a better way – and they were right. Their Minimal Water Bottle tackles bulky design through a resilient and flexible silicone construction. The lightweight bottle can be rolled up to a quarter of its full size and secured in a compact form using the paracord handle. The handle provides 8 feet of readily available paracord in case of an emergency, and can be used to secure the bottle to your wrist, bag or belt loop. Boosting the functionality further, the handle also includes an integrated firestarter for outdoor or emergency use. Check out the Minimal Water Bottle Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

Packing convenience into picnic carry

Alite Designs Meadow Pack

Kicking back, soaking up the sun and enjoying a picnic is one of life’s simple pleasures. Well…that is until the packing gets a bit out of hand, with chairs, tables and a suspiciously large amount of kitchen appliances tagging along to the park. Luckily the Alite Designs Meadow Pack is on hand to restore balance to laidback outdoor dining. Inspired by the art of origami, the Meadow Pack provides ample space for picnic supplies and unfolds into a blanket for easy seating at your picnic spot. The blanket’s waterproof coating keeps you dry during your dining, and when it’s time to go you can simply fold it back into a bag and carry it as a backpack or a tote.

Hard protection meets soft styling

HARDGRAFT Fuzzy iPhone Cover

An expensive smartphone merits a protective case, and there are plenty out there that do a great job of providing solid protection. But a lot of them are pretty uninspiring in the looks and handling department. However, the new HARDGRAFT Fuzzy iPhone Cover doesn’t suffer from these drawbacks. Taking the design approach that something which gets handled frequently throughout the day should be texturally appealing, HARDGRAFT have created a protective iPhone cover that features a fuzzy and eye-catching suede-like material. The cover fits an iPhone 6/6s or 6 Plus/6s Plus and snaps conveniently and securely onto the phone, with a soft microfiber lining to protect your tech.

A commuter bag that goes beyond the bike

JAAR LA001 Bike Commuter Bag

Bags that work well for a bike commute often hit a speed bump when it comes to your work environment. The JAAR LA001 Bike Commuter Bag is not one of them. This sleek commuter bag looks good both on and off the bike, and is designed to securely carry the essentials during a commute and then accompany you into work too. Great if you have a fairly minimal carry setup, the bag fits up to a 13″ laptop in addition to small accessories and other work tools. Since it attaches to the bike frame, you don’t need to worry about carrying it on your body, helping you to stay cooler during the commute and preventing the need for readjustment. Discover more via the JAAR Kickstarter campaign.


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