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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 23 June

by , June 23, 2012

Week In Review ~ 23 June

There’s a bit of an adventure vibe going on in this Week In Review. Perhaps you’re seeking packing advice, a backpack that has you covered in the urban jungle, or a cool camera bag. Alternately you might be keen to discover the history behind the messenger, a bag that represents freedom, simplicity and flexibility. Maybe you’ve decided to give up the rat race and go bushwhacking for two years, making a fortune documenting your daily trials and tribulations in a travel blog. In that case, you’re going to need some durable carry that can take on snow, rain, scuffles with airport carousels and more. Read on, get inspired and go do something intrepid – we want to hear all about it in the comments…

Taking The Panic Out Of Packing

You have the tickets, the passport and the itinerary sorted. Now to tackle the greatest hurdle of all – the packing. Perhaps you start out with good intentions. However, fifteen minutes in, your beautiful piles of folded clothes are now just piles strewn over the bed and floor, the lid wasn’t screwed on the travel shampoo properly and you can’t bring yourself to lift the bedraggled clothes and survey the full extent of the damage in your suitcase, and you’re starting to think you need a holiday from the holiday that you haven’t been on yet. If this is the general state of affairs every time you pack for a trip, perhaps it’s time to seek some advice. With their distinguished history as creators of top-quality luggage, who better to turn to for packing advice than the folks at Louis Vuitton. To make things even more convenient, they’ve created a great little video to help keep the packing woes at bay.

Beauty Meets Backpacking

Week In Review ~ 23 JuneJapanese label master-piece keeps coming out with innovative carry and the new SLASH backpack is no exception. The pack is constructed from a hard-wearing SUNBRELLA fabric and incorporates a 1000 Denier CORDURA and acrylic cotton blend, in addition to leather accents. The pack is available in three primary colours of black, navy and beige.

Picture Perfect: Tommy Camera Bag

Week In Review ~ 23 June

Whether you’re out for the day or on an extended trip, you want to keep your camera safe and scratch-free. With the Tommy camera bag from Property Of… you can do just that. Constructed out of waxed canvas, the camera bag comes in two sizes and a choice of orange, coal or dark-tan. You can fit a DSLR camera with attached lens, a flash or external hard drive, and an additional flash in either of the bag sizes. The padded partitions are removable, providing more space should you need it. The external pockets can hold manuals, cables, memory cards and the like. Note: The content image on the dark-tan bag is not printed on the bag.

Messengers: We Salute You

Week In Review ~ 23 June

Your constant, loyal companion through downpours, mad cycle dashes through hectic traffic, laid back strolls to your local café, and midnight searches for the solitary shop that’s still open and waiting with your carton of milk when you need a caffeine fix. It’s your beloved messenger bag, with you through the ups and downs, carrying your books, your laptop, your five pens (four of which don’t work), and the rest of your assorted EDC. Ever wanted to know how the humble messenger came into being? Check out a short history here.

Buyer’s Guide: Duffels

Week In Review ~ 23 June

There’s something about duffels that just declares “I’m off to encounter epic awesomeness”. They are durable, no-nonsense bags that are perfect for plonking some gear in (ahem..no plonking…see video above…yes, it even applies to duffels – adventure can wait fifteen minutes) and heading for the hills or highway. If it’s time to seek some thrills, our buyer’s guide for duffels is a great place to start.


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