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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 22 March

Week In Review ~ 22 March

by , March 22, 2015

An urban smart bag that’s embracing technology, rad backpack modularity and a stylish piece of kit that caters to your work and active life are some of the creative new carry sharing the spotlight in our Week In Review…

Fashion gets smart

HiSmart bag

Fashion meets technology in this urban-friendly bag that can be worn as a messenger or backpack. The bag serves as an extension of your phone, with a button on the bag strap that allows you to answer calls, pin locations, play music, record your voice, take photos, as well as locate your phone or bag. Plus with 12 pockets there are lots of options for organizing gear. Funding has already been surpassed less than two days after launching the HiSmart Indiegogo campaign but there’s still plenty of time left if you’re digging this as a smart addition to your bag collection.

Madden Equipment celebrates originality and durability

Madden Equipment Original Rucksak

More than four decades ago Madden Equipment created their first bag – but you don’t need to scour auction websites or carry enthusiasts’ private collections in the hopes of snagging one. The Original Rucksak has been released in a limited run, with a choice of four colorways and an eye-catching combo of nylon and Bison leather. The pack’s side pockets fit most 0.75-liter water bottles, while a hydration bladder can be stashed in the pack’s internal pocket and the lid pocket is a handy storage space for quick-access items while you’re exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Modularity that’s hot property on the carry scene

Black Ember Slate Pack, TL Pack and Neoruk Pack

Formerly known as Ember Equipment, Black Ember lit up the carry world with their Modular Urban Backpack project on Kickstarter. Now they’re set to stoke the flames higher with their second-generation collection of packs. The collection features three packs that can be pre-ordered now. Minimalists will appreciate the 15-liter Slate Pack, while the top-loading TL Pack offers 20 liters of space and the Neoruk Pack is the largest in the collection with a volume of 25 liters. Each pack has a padded internal sleeve for a 15-inch laptop and can be tailored to changing carry needs thanks to a range of Black Ember mag-lock pouches.

QWSTION keeps it simple

QWSTION Simple Collection

It’s easy to forget to take pleasure in the simple things in life – but with QWSTION’s new Simple Collection you can enjoy a daily reminder to do just that wherever you carry one of the collection’s stylishly understated and functional pieces. The collection is made up of the Simple Office, Simple Ziptote, Simple Pack and Simple Bag. The bags are constructed using as few pieces of shell material as possible and are partly lined in a manner that creates handy pockets and compartments.

A bag that’s fit for work and gym alike

Aer Fit Pack

Following on from the massive success of their Duffel Pack, Aer are back with a more compact and clean version for active professionals who want their bag to work just as hard as they do. The Aer Fit Pack is designed to keep your work tools and gym gear separate, with dedicated sections for a laptop, shoes or clothing and small accessories. Thanks to its slick work-friendly aesthetics, you can chuck the two-bag carry routine and opt for this stylish one-bag approach to meeting your work and workout needs.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.