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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 20 October

by , October 21, 2012

Week In Review ~ 20 October So how about an iPad sleeve that’s bound to make you feel pretty buoyant? Your own portable wardrobe perhaps? Maybe a messenger that’s strictly on a need to know basis (and you need to know). On the other hand, computer carry suggestions might come in handy right about now, or you’re keen to get a peek behind the scenes of a rocking brand? Look no further than the Week In Review… – Defying secrecy: Spreading the word about Redacted Week In Review ~ 20 October Defy Bags thinks everyone should have a black out – nope, we’re not talking about passing out (though you might with sheer awe); rather we’re referring to Defy Bags’ Redacted series. Intel suggests AustriAlpin Cobra buckles, 20 oz truck tarp and 1000 Denier ballistic strength Cordura are all in on the job. There’s four exterior front pockets, an inner pocket that can hold a 15-inch MacBook Pro and some rocking color variations that seem to signal danger and excitement may be near at hand. To all uncreative sleeve makers – put a cork in it Week In Review ~ 20 October Okay so on first assessment you might think ‘What?!’ but an iPad sleeve made out of cork is actually a pretty good idea. Think about it – you’ve got water resistance, shock resistance and green credentials since cork is biodegradable. Now a cork iPad sleeve doesn’t sound so crazy after all, right? Plus Pomm Design Studio’s cork iPad case features a cool geometric design which makes an interesting change from flat sleeves. Hanging up that lets you hang out more Week In Review ~ 20 October So you’ve just flown across the world, been sitting on a train for hours or have driven for so long that you’ve forgotten what the sensation of walking feels like. Whether it’s a trip for business or pleasure, you’re tired when you reach your destination. Maybe you have to leave for a meeting just after dropping your luggage off. Alternatively good times with family and friends may await. Either way, the last thing you’re going to want to do is unpack. Enter Lexdray’s London Garment. Essentially just unzip it, hang it up and you’re unpacked. There’s adjustable interior shelving, exterior pockets, a removable fleece-lined pouch for storing valuables and a removable Oxford Suiter for storing suits and related accessories. Computer bags hit the highway for some road testing Week In Review ~ 20 October In the market for a computer bag? The Wirecutter have put together a list of road-tested computer bags that might take your fancy. There’s a selection of backpacks and single-strap bags, with write ups for each one so you get a good idea of what’s on offer. Also, you’ll recognise more than a few brands which we’re fans of, so the list gets a thumbs up from us. Behind the scenes with BEXAR Goods Co.

Week In Review ~ 20 October

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