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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 2 June

by , June 2, 2012

Week In Review ~ 2 June

Want to pull out a glasses case that will produce a collective “ooooh” around you, not to mention a covetous look or two?  Time for an intervention in the wallet department before your wallet bursts and the shame of your hoarder ways lies accusingly strewn around you?  Want to see the hardcore, older brother of the keyring?  Perhaps you’re after a way to keep camera carry as lightweight and simple as possible, or you appreciate quality bag design that offers class and durability.  It’s all here in the Week In Review…

Week In Review ~ 2 June

A Sight To Be Seen

When you own a pair of sunglasses or glasses, the last thing you want to see is a scratch on the lenses.  Sure, you can opt for a standard hardcover glasses case, but perhaps you’re after something rather more stylish.  MAKR has just the thing for you with their eyewear sleeve.  This hand-sewn sleeve is made from polished Horween leather and comes in navy matte, black matte (currently sold out) and saddle tan.

Week In Review ~ 2 June

Streamlined Style

If you’re seeking a means of salvation from your Costanza wallet (no, you really don’t need to carry those ten receipts from a year ago, a scrunched chocolate wrapper, and those five store cards that you promise yourself are going to be used any day now), the Isaac Reina Porte-Feuilles wallet is an admirable alternative.  This leather wallet has a billfold and a separate pocket for carrying cards.  Dimensions are 4.5 by 3.4 inches (11.5 by 8.8 cm), perfect for slipping in your back pocket and remaining butt bulge-free.

Week In Review ~ 2 JuneThe Key To Carrying Is Keeping It Simple

No, this is not the latest design in thumb screws, so don’t even think about it (you’re thinking about it, aren’t you…)  The Minimalist is a key shackle created by J.L. Lawson & Co.  The key shackle is made from steel and finished with a blackening patina, as well as a coating of steel wax in order to help protect against rust.  The Minimalist is machined by hand in the U.S.A.

Week In Review ~ 2 June

Paying Homage To Some Classy Ladies

Luxury handbags tend to be a love/hate sort of thing.  You’re either a slave to them, desire them with every fibre of your being and are willing to go without food, sell your dearly loved family pet, and go into the red for several months to own one.  Alternately, you can’t understand what all the fuss is about, you point out that you could buy three beloved family pets AND keep them and yourself in tasty dining for the same price, not to mention the joy of not receiving angry letters from your bank demanding that you show them the money.  The above may be true in today’s culture of ‘It’ bags, but there are three handbags that have sailed gracefully through the constant churning of bag fads that come and go.  The Louis Vuitton Speedy, the Chanel 2.55, and the Hermès Birkin combine superior craftsmanship, staying power and style, and for this we salute you.

Week In Review ~ 2 June

Harnessing Intelligent Design

There are many fantastic camera bags out there offering both protection and storage spaces for additional equipment.  However, at Carryology we’re all about discovering new ways to make carrying as efficient as possible for a particular need.  That’s why the MoneyMaker Multi-Camera harness from HoldFast is particularly worthy of some spotlight focus.  The harness design keeps the cameras close to the body and the weight distributed over the upper back and shoulders, thereby reducing lower back strain.  There is a selection of styles and colours to choose from, with the option for a 2-camera or 3-camera setup.  If your camera is going to be with you at all times and you don’t need additional accessories, the MoneyMaker is an ideal way to keep camera carry to a minimum.


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