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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 19 April

Week In Review ~ 19 April

by , April 19, 2014

A variety of fun things have been happening in the carry world recently… Want to discover what Mystery Ranch have been up to? Perhaps scouting out some snazzy women-focused pieces or keen for a sneak peek at clever tech carry? Well prop your feet up, treat yourself to some laidback carry indulgence time and come find out more…

The new face of backpacks

Week In Review ~ 19 April

Wouldn’t it be great if one bag could serve all your day-to-day needs from work to play? Maybe you have a work bag that just looks too formal for leisure use or alternatively perhaps your favorite casual bag just won’t cut it in the office… Well a design duo have offered their solution to this tricky carry problem – the Chivote 2Face backpack. The pack features a formal look on one side and a more casual look on the other side, with straps that are easy to switch so you can alternate between both faces of the pack. Keen to find out more? You can do just that courtesy of the current Kickstarter campaign for the 2Face backpack.

Functionality meets fashion

Week In Review ~ 19 April

If you like carry that’s designed to hold tech gadgets with more than a generous dose of European fashion styling to keep things interesting, the Craftwerk Espelette collection is one to check out. The collection incorporates a messenger bag and tablet sleeve constructed out of French vegetable-tanned leather and Australian wool felt. The messenger bag can hold up to a 13-inch laptop and converts to a sleeve by removing the strap, while the tablet sleeve holds up to a 10-inch tablet. The collection is also currently available via a Kickstarter campaign which provides further insight into the inspiration behind the pieces.

Smart packs for staying connected on the move

Week In Review ~ 19 April

The folks behind Mile High Mountaineering have taken a step in a different direction with their new venture and are currently in the process of forming the brand CO.ALITION to produce urban smart packs which accommodate everyday tech-on-the-go needs. The carry pieces incorporate a computerized power supply to give USB gadgets juice wherever you are, as well as wireless mobile storage so you can access files via your mobile devices without needing the Internet. The brand is still in the development stage, with a Kickstarter campaign planned to launch in May, but anyone who is keen to get hold of the packs at a discounted price can sign up to a waiting list in order to take advantage of the Kickstarter campaign’s early adopter pricing.

Mystery Ranch introduces new family members

Week In Review ~ 19 AprilFans of Mystery Ranch have plenty to get excited about as the brand has just released three new packs designed by Dana Gleason’s son, D3. The Rush and Swift packs incorporate Mystery Ranch’s 3-zip design, while the Big Mountain features a Split-Shroud design that enables the pack to be used as a top-loader while facilitating easy access along the lines of the 3-zip design. D3’s packs improve on what has come before by featuring the likes of new frames, redesigned waist belts and more streamlined Futura-style yoke systems.

Crafted women’s carry for elegant EDC

Week In Review ~ 19 April

For ladies seeking a change to their current carry lineup there are certain things to look for. Style, durability and great quality are all admirable traits when it comes to women’s carry and are all traits that feature in the new offerings from Tanner Goods. The brand have recently introduced their Women’s Capsule Collection with carry pieces that include the Vanguard Saddle Bag, Perennial Day Bag, Scout Wallet and Rider Wallet. Able to accommodate work and leisure use, these pieces may be the tipping point to give tired-looking bags and wallets the old heave-ho.


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