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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 14 July

by , July 14, 2012
Week In Review ~ 14 July
From awesome carry hacks to hardwearing packs and what is quite possibly the greatest substance on the planet, this week in review is full of some pretty epic stuff.  Let the good times roll…
On A Mission To Go Above And Beyond
Week In Review ~ 14 July
We’re big fans of Mission Workshop so we’re always eager to hear of new releases.  The good folks at MW don’t disappoint with their limited edition X-Pac versions of their Rambler and Vandal backpacks.  These packs feature an outer layer made of 420d nylon laminated to a PTFE membrane.  This outer layer is hardwearing and waterproof.  The pack can expand to double its size, so there’s plenty of space for additional storage if required.  The packs come in red, blue and gray.
The Work Never Stops: Hard Graft
Week In Review ~ 14 July
Hard Graft have been busy and the results of their efforts are visible in their Shore collection, featuring a dopp kit, holdall, flat pack and laptop bag.  The laptop bag and flat pack are available in other collections but the main difference between this collection and other Hard Graft colllections is that the Shore collection incorporates British waxed cotton canvas in combination with the vegetable tanned Italian leather that is utilised in other collections.
Wax On, Don’t Wax Off
Week In Review ~ 14 July
So what do you do if you have your heart set on a bag but you just can’t afford it?  Do you take the route of the philosopher and just accept it wasn’t meant to be?  Do you sell your most prized possessions, go on rations of bread and water for a month and hoard every penny you can in order to afford it?  Hell no!  You make your own!  A very determined person going by the name of GuySie wanted an ONA waxed canvas camera bag but didn’t have the money to spare, so he created his own waxed canvas camera bag with the help of an ASOS cotton canvas messenger, a bar of Otter Wax and a Tenba padded camera insert.  Talk about getting creative with carry hacks.  For this, sir, we salute you.
Sugru: The Stuff Of Legends
Week In Review ~ 14 July
Sugru is the kind of thing you imagine James Bond would use to get out of a life-threatening situation (aren’t they all) and just think what MacGyver could have accomplished with a pack of this stuff.  But its most impressive feat of all?  From damaged suitcase wheels to hard shell luggage holes, it kicks ass in carry hack repairs.
Making Sense Of It All: Carry Materials
Week In Review ~ 14 July
The third post is up in our Carry Materials series.  We suggest you check out the comments as well – they can be incredibly informative.  As with all our posts, keep the comments coming; we’re digging them and hope you guys are too.


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