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Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

by , May 21, 2022
Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

We’re big fans of the team at Western Rise, they constantly produce excellent apparel products for life on the road, in the wild, or wherever your days take you. They’ve be featured in buying guides of ours multiple times, we’re always excited by their updates and they’ve won best travel clothing in the Carry Awards three times!

It’s safe to say that we think they’re awesome and one of the best innovators out there in the apparel space! As summer comes into view, they’re having an epic summer sale, with 25% off all of their products, including some of their latest and greatest releases! Use discount code ’SUMMER’!

Below, we’ve picked out a few select items that are likely to make you pack less and adventure more!

Evolution Pant

Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

Western Rise was founded on the basis of creating crossover products that meant carrying less and doing more. The Evolution pant are at the core of that philosophy. These are lightweight, water and stain resistant and very breathable. All our team at Carry HQ love these for travel, and the 2-way stretch means they are comfortable enough for both commuting and roaming free in the wild! These pack small, and are a true do-it-all pant. Coming in a multitude of staple colours, you’ll find yourself wanting a few pairs!

Limitless Merino Button Down

Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

A good button down is an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. However, for many of us, gone are the days of sitting in a boardroom staring at the clock, we are more active, more fluid, and sometimes no two days look the same. Enter the Limitless button down, smart enough for your performance review, comfortable enough for your flight, and breathable enough for your weekend hikes. Moisture wicking, odor resistant, and wrinkle free, this shirt will help you attack the day!

Boundless Short

One of my favourite things about the summertime is having full day adventures from the moment you wake up, to the moment you collapse into bed. There is something freeing about just seeing where the day takes you. To do that, you need shorts that you can trust in the water and on land! With one of their newer releases, western rise have you covered! The boundless short is a Swiss Army Knife pair of shorts. Four way stretch, quick drying, mesh pockets, and water/stain resistant (like all of Western Rise’s gear!) These are sure to become firm favourites in your collection. Similarly to the Evolution pant, these will cover all of your bases this summer!

X Cotton T-Shirt and X Cotton Henley

I’m always in a quandary when it comes to T-shirts. I love all of the benefits that come with merino wool but I love the softness and comfort of cotton. I’m certain that the Western Rise team has been in my head as I’ve pontificated and that’s what brought them to creating the X-tee. The perfect middle ground T-shirt. It’s moisture wicking and odor resistant (just like merino), but it has that luxurious comfort and weight to it like your favourite old tee-shirt. With an improved cut (ever so slightly tailored) you can wear this at home, out to dinner, or as a layer under your favourite sweater. I have bought these in pretty much every colour, they are hard not to love.

If you need more sleeves in your life, they come in a Henley version too.

Movement Short

I love the movement short. Ever since I tried my first pair a couple of years ago, they come with me on every trip I take, and they pull double duty as my gym/running shorts and swim shorts. They are perfect to stick in your suitcase as they pack down to nothing but give you options at your destination. The updated material is featherweight, comfortable and super stretchy. Over the last month I’ve used these for rugby training, running, hiking, and swimming. They look as good as new. These are sportier than the boundless shorts and excellent for those of you on the move all the time!

Versa Hat

How could we write our suggestions without including one of our favourite hats? The Versa was an epiphany for me (not a huge baseball hat wearer) a year ago. Crushable, waterproof, and stretchy, this baseball hat is the insurance policy for hot days, wet days, and everything inbetween. It easily slips into a bag or pocket, and comes out ready to go! I swear by this hat, and if I’m outdoors, it is never far behind. Coming in a great range of colours and patterns, your head will stay dry and your nose or forehead will stay unburnt! That’s a win in my books!

Level up your Style with Western Rise’s Summer Sale!

Western Rise are one of those brands that we always get excited about. They aren’t interested in making 50 new products a year, or making their version of someone else’s product just to do it. They are in the business of making items that you can use, trust, abuse, and use again–without even thinking about it. If you’re looking to level up your wardrobe, take advantage of their summer sale (Use discount code ’SUMMER’!) and get out there!

Thanks to our friends at Western Rise for sponsoring this article.


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