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Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

by , February 9, 2023

The name says it all. Modern Dayfarer designs bags for the modern individual to move throughout their day. These minimalistic bags cater to the active lifestyle while fitting in equally at the office or cafe. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that the Dayfarer Backpack has been one of their strongest offerings of the last 5 years.

We’re excited to see an update to this classic. Introducing the Modern Dayfarer Backpack V2.

Refining the Fundamentals

Modern Dayferer doesn’t stray too far from the core of what made the original Backpack so successful. The clean lines of the elegant yet sporty design are still here; it’s unmistakably a Modern Dayfarer Backpack. The aesthetic is something we’ve always loved about this lineup of products; you really feel like you can take it anywhere, which is the true testament of crossover bags. With that in mind, this is truly a home-base of a bag, one you’ll be able to live out of from the start of your day until the end, wherever you may go.

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

We asked Modern Dayfarer founder David Hundertmark what was going on in his mind when he designed the original, and what lead to the creation of the V2:

“My initial goal was to find a backpack that could adapt to both professional and active environments. When I could not find what I was looking for, I decided to design it myself. Shortly after that, I became obsessed with creating this backpack. Starting as an outsider to the bag and design world, I taught myself design through online research and designed the DAYFARER backpack by myself from the ground up.”

“Now, 5 years later, I have not stopped being extremely interested in design and I keep learning. I now also have a small team and feedback from thousands of customers and I decided to use all of this to improve on the original idea. The V2 features refinements, but no new changes to the original features, just improvements. So, what worked has just been made better.”

Modern Dayfarer Founder David Hundertmark

In short, if you loved the original, then you’ll love the updated version. The unique flap top still allows for quick access to items at the top of your bag, while the dual side zips provide both quick-access as well as full panel loading ability. And if you end up with a little extra in your bag, the top flap expands with you throughout the day.

Everything else is still here, better than ever. From the killer shoe compartment to the top loading laptop sleeve. That’s enough about what you already know; the upgrades are why we’re digging in here today.

Five Years of Progress

At first glance it may look the same, but closer inspection reveals what’s really going on. The exterior has been revamped with cleaner lines, hidden or removed seams, and a slightly more rounded profile, bringing together an all around much sleeker, more sophisticated look. It truly looks like an evolution of the original in all of the right ways.

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

This isn’t just for the aesthetic, the new look is functional too. The cleaned up side panels compress much more easily than its predecessor, allowing the bag to maintain a slimmer profile when it’s not packed to the brim – especially useful walking around major metros or on transit.

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

Another immediately apparent aesthetic-yet-functional upgrade is to the singular side water bottle pocket. The newer, slanted design maintains a much slimmer profile, while holding bottles of all sizes more securely. Based on feedback from the original design, this will be one of the most appreciated updates of the V2.

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

But, the most appreciated update? The backpanel and shoulder straps have been completely redesigned. The newer, higher quality materials and design sit more flush with your back and allow for significantly more comfort across a wide range of shapes and sizes. Like the rest of the pack’s updates, this also follows the aesthetic-yet functional mindset and really brings the rest of the bag together, with softer curves, more hidden seams, and a generally higher quality look, fit, and finish.

Modern Dayfarer’s Best Selling Backpack Gets An Update

The Dayfarer Backpack V2 is currently available for pre-order with an estimated ship date of March 2023.

This is a #curatedsponsor article from our friends at Modern Dayfarer.


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