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Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

by , February 16, 2022

Modern Dayfarer are a staple of minimalist carry. Their products are born out of a necessity for packs that work in a modern, active, and fulfilling lifestyle. In our experience, a small, curated product catalogue like theirs is always indicative of thoughtful design. 

Modern Dayfarer are back with their newest creation – the Active Sling Pack.

The main reason I made the Active Sling Pack was because I wanted a smaller bag which I can go to the gym with and carries my gym essentials, but also my iPad Pro (in a separate compartment) in case I have to do some work on the go.”

Modern Dayfarer Founder David Hundertmark

This is a conundrum many of us face regularly, particularly in urban environments, where commuting often relies on what you can carry on your person. Rather than being able to use your car as a home base for both a gym bag and work bag. With that intention in mind, what did Modern Dayfarer conjure up?

Materials First

Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

Simply put – this new sling features the best materials on the market. This sling is designed to be streamlined, lightweight, and durable. The VX21 exterior is both durable and waterproof, meaning one needn’t worry about inclement weather interrupting plans. Paired with a 210D Ripstop Nylon lining that is also treated with water repellant coating to keep those gym/work articles separate, just the bones of the sling are chosen to make your day to day easier. Once you finish with YKK® AquaGuard® zippers and Fidlock® magnetic V buckles – you essentially have a fortress that encourages you to attack the day. 

These materials are an upgrade to your average sling, and that is very much intentional from Modern Dayfarer, this is designed to be used, and abused, and used again. Every material choice has been meticulously analysed with the goal of solving the working out/working office problem – particularly in the new age of remote work.

Feature Rich

Industry leading materials are all well and good, but what about the design and functionality of the sling itself? 16L is the Goldilocks size for many – big enough to hold essentials, but small enough to avoid overpacking!

Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

On the active sling pack, you have two access points–a roll top opening (which can be cinched down based on your loadout) and a front pocket opening that gives you direct entry to the main compartment – this front opening also contains pockets! On the interior there is a zippered mesh pocket where you can store toiletries for your post workout shower, and on the exterior are two quick access pockets, sized perfectly for your wallet, glasses, multi tool etc. Two further zippered pockets on either side hide a keychain and more EDC storage, while stretch water bottle pockets sit just below them, sized for a 16-26oz insulated bottle. 

On the rear of the bag you have the padded laptop compartment, which can hold up to a 14” laptop or tablet. This is perfect for staying connected as you move, without having to bring a dedicated set up everywhere you go. There are also two dedicated zipper pockets at mid-back, these are perfect for items you’d want to keep more secure when out and about- like a wallet or passport.

Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

A padded mesh back panel is designed for your comfort, whether on foot or on two wheels, and the padded shoulder strap is adjustable for ambidextrous use. A padded grab handle is well placed for easy in/out of gym lockers.

Modern Versatility

As we’ve seen from Modern Dayfarer, their products aren’t made for the sake of it. These aren’t products inspired by competition with other brands, rather they are made from a place of authentic problem solving. For David and his team at Modern Dayfarer, they are making products that encourage an active lifestyle, one that isn’t hindered by half-way solutions to daily frustrations. 

With the Active Sling Pack, you can do it all in a day, while using a bag made from the best materials and built with intelligent design at its heart. If you’re in the market for a stealthy and sleek hybrid sling, that can bounce from the office, to the gym, to the coffee shop in any weather, well this, could be the one for you.

Modern Dayfarer Launches New Active Sling Pack

The Active Sling Pack is available for pre-order with an estimated ship date of late April/early May 2022.

This is a #curatedsponsor article from our friends at Modern Dayfarer.

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