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Carry Jobs

by , September 18, 2013


Work. Do you work to live or live to work? What’s that one line? Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life… Not entirely sure about that, I do love my job but I still consider it work. Anyway, in the hope that we can unearth some amazing carry talent we’ve gone through and found a few jobs that might get you excited.

They’re all a little different and should cater to most of the audience here. If you’d like, this little job section is something we might make a bit more regular – thoughts?

Anyway, there’s four job openings below, including Product Line Manager at Da Kine!

Materials Developer at Black Diamond Equipment —

Work with brands like Gregory Packs and Black Diamond. This role supports RnD and is the principle link to the raw material supply chain, and therefore is responsible for the overall performance, quality, color management and sustainability of the raw materials and components. Can you handle that?

More info about the job here. 

Product Line Manage for Bags at Dakine —

This is a big one, a dreamy one, the one you want. Have you got the skills that are needed to be considered Dakine material? In this role you will oversee and manage the design, development, and production of all technical backpacks, luggage and board bags used in snowboard, skiing and cycling divisions. Dreamy huh…

More info about the job here.

Junior Designer at Bellroy —

Work with our sugar daddies and help the world carry better. You’ll work alongside the Founding Designer to help reinvent the way the world carry. Designing, specifying and refining slim wallets will be a major focus, but you’ll also be working on Carryology (yeah that’s right, come help us make this amazing site even more amazing!) to share carry learning and stoke.

More info about the job here. 

Senior Backpack Designer at The Outdoor Recreation Group

Design nothing but bags, amazing bags, big bags, small bags, innovative and red bags (red bags are awesome just quietly). As the Senior Designer, you will be responsible for applying your strong design skills, innovative thinking and technical experience in accessory design & development toward creating new product collections. Awesome sounding huh…

More info about the job here. 

(images from Black Diamond)


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.