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GORUCK and Huckberry Combine to Release the GR2 Slick

GORUCK and Huckberry Combine to Release the GR2 Slick

by , February 17, 2022

At Carry HQ – we are privy to a lot of fun information – sometimes it’s an exciting fabric or technology, other times it’s an entirely new brand, and then there’s collaborations, our personal favourite! Well today, it is the latter, a collaboration between two companies who we are immensely fond of, and proud to have worked with: GORUCK and Huckberry. We’ve partnered with GORUCK on not one but two collaboration projects, and with Huckberry we have a close relationship with the like-minded individuals there who celebrate everything about carrying and adventure!

We reviewed their initial partnership offering, the GR1 Slick, back in 2020 and we’re delighted to take a first look at their newest venture – the GR2 Slick.

GORUCK x Huckberry Slick GR2

Take it all with you

At 40L, the GR2 Slick is a beast, it can take everything you need and then some more. For the average person that looks like 2-5 days of clothing, for a packing ninja or minimalist, there is no reason why a bag like this can’t take you on an epic adventure for months. The GR2 is split into two main compartments. A larger (approximately 30L) section is where I put my extra shoes (a luxury when one-bagging!) and the majority of my clothes, in packing cubes. You also will find two zippered mesh pockets here, a smaller horizontal access pocket and a larger vertical access pocket. Great spots for washkits or dirty laundry. Sitting atop this large section is a slender 10L (approx) space, that has all the pockets you could need to stay organized on your escapades. There is a built-in field pocket here, which is perfect for EDC and includes two stretch mesh slips – this lends itself to wallets, keys, and the like. This is one of my favorite features of the GR2, it’s convenient and terribly useful! Below the field pocket is a large mesh pocket with a vertical opening, and on the opposite side you’ll see the same two-pocket format as the larger compartment, the only difference being the beautiful leather collaboration patch.

GORUCK x Huckberry Slick GR2

Made from 1000D Cordura (with a 1050D Ballistic base) – this GR2, while slick, is just as tough as its predecessors and will happily be dragged through any manner of adventures and journeys and come out the other end looking spotless.

Trustworthy Travel

GORUCK and Huckberry Combine to Release the GR2 Slick

GR2’s are in the top echelons of the one bag travel category, and they’re fawned over by many. They come in a variety of sizes, with 26, 34, and the 40L options. However, the MOLLE webbing that you usually see on the traditional GR2’s can be a point of contention for some. While it undoubtedly provides flexibility by giving the ability to attach different accessories, it does give them a decidedly tactical look. It’s worth noting that without the MOLLE on the straps, there is no place for a sternum strap – not an issue for most use cases, but if you’re really loading this up and carting around some serious weight for extended trips, you might want to add your own.

If the original GR2 is tactical, the GR2 Slick is suave and understated. For one bag travel, I think this is a truly useful quality as it allows the bag to blend into the background wherever you may be. Whether traveling from hotel to boardroom for work, or gallivanting on the adventure of a lifetime, this won’t look out of place at all.

GORUCK and Huckberry Combine to Release the GR2 Slick

Size wise, 40L is a lot of volume. As I alluded to earlier, it really can stomach a whole amount of goodies. Many travel bags fall into the 28-35L range, and while excellent, they can leave you wanting just a little extra space on a longer trip. Being able to fit a secondary pair of shoes or boots is a big win in my opinion. I’m 6ft, 220lbs and I was surprised at how well the 40L fit my frame, without looking like a hiking pack or tortoise shell. As with all GORUCK packs, the straps take a few wears to really break in, but once they do, they get more and more comfortable with each wear even under a heavy load. The same can be said for those hearty YKK® #10 Zippers – they get buttery smooth real quick!

I’ve used this for weekends away – both casual travel and ski trips – and I’ve been impressed at how functional the GR2 is. The combination of two compartments, each with their own organisation is useful when on the move, I’m a live-out-of-my-bag type on weekend trips, and the GR2 is perfect for that. I can leave a jacket and quick to grab EDC items in the smaller front compartment while leaving changes of clothes, washbag, and shoes in the deeper main compartment. When I need to, I can even bring my laptop along in the bombproof compartment that can house up to 17” machines.

Huckberry and GORUCK have done it again with the updated GR2 40L slick. Timeless, comfortable, and tough as they come–this is the type of travel bag that many will rely on to do it all throughout the year. Well it’s certainly capable, and a welcome addition to the growing Huckberry x GORUCK line and if it’s a sign of things to come from these two down the road–get excited!

GORUCK and Huckberry Combine to Release the GR2 Slick

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