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Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

by , November 13, 2019

When we discover great gear, we love sharing it with others in the hope that they might benefit from it too. And we’ve rounded up some stellar staff picks of gear we’re using right now that might be a great fit for you too…

Jason Adams

Prometheus Design Werx PB&J Pocket Tool

I have been absolutely loving the Prometheus Design Werx PB&J pocket tool. Precision milled from 6AL-4V titanium, it’s light and easy to carry while still feeling substantial in hand. At 4.5” long and 1” wide it is relatively large and I feel it’s much better suited for pack carry rather than pocket duty. I carry it in my work EDC pack and with the integrated wire spring gate it easily clips to some internal webbing. It packs 9 functions into its refined form factor: closed end wrench (for both metric and SAE hardware), pry bar, small nail puller, bit driver, battery bay driver, oxygen tank wrench and bottle cap lifter to name a few. Like everything PDW puts out, it’s both purpose built and refined. The PB&J has a million uses and I find it to be a help assistant almost daily.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Ando Fallshaw

Falke Cool Kick No Show Socks

I run a little hot. I’m not sure why, but they’re the cards I was dealt. As a result, I’ve had to develop lots of subtle ways to dissipate heat. Short sleeve shirts, linen and ramie, ventilated backpack suspensions and… bare ankles. My travel frequently takes me from deep snow to blazing heat in a single day, which means I’ve also had to develop a sock system. Yeah, I’m a geek.

Thankfully Falke exist, who have achieved a level of mastery in invisible socks that I’ve never seen surpassed. They’re invisible inside a sneaker, yet they cover the top of your foot under the shoe tongue. Their durable heel gel grip stops the slip, without degrading with regular washing. And here’s the thing – they last forever. In weekly rotation, you can get a decade from them.

When traveling, I combo them with a toe-less compression sock and Outlier pants with stretch. This means I can add the compression socks on a flight, stretching the pants over my calves while in my plane seat. Then at my destination, I remove the compression socks and go back to bare ankles, even rolling the pants up higher if I’ve landed somewhere crazy hot.

They’re just socks, but they’re bloody fantastic socks.

cool kick no show socks

Mike Weiss

Duer No Sweat Pant Relaxed

Duer is a brand that I’ve had on my radar for what feels like forever. I’ve always loved their style and aesthetic, subtly blending performance with function. Is it groundbreaking? No, everyone recognizes this is the future of wear, not just athleisure. The other thing to note: unlike most people, I have legs. They aren’t little twigs that can still have room to spare in a slim fit. As soon as I found out there was a store in Vancouver on a recent trip, I had to finally see for myself what all the hype was about.

And my friends, the hype is well worth it. Shocking to no one, I ended up with the Relaxed Fit No Sweat Pant and haven’t looked back. They are so light unlike denim that you don’t notice them and they simply move as you move. It’s a liberating feeling. There’s just the right amount of stretch for the morning commute (to leap onto the train as the doors close or riding the bike to the office). There are double and triple seams everywhere, which gives me confidence they’ll stand the test of time.

Not sold? Check out the photos from my recent review. You’ll see them in action there…

Dish Duer Relaxed Fit No Sweat Pant on the street

Janis Lacey

Vans + Finisterre UltraRange Hi DL

As a big fan of UK surf brand Finisterre, it’s no surprise that I have some strong feelings for their latest collaboration with Vans. It’s the second time the two companies have paired up and this time it looks like Finisterre have really upped their contribution in terms of function and sustainability. All three styles in the capsule range are worth a gander, but the UltraRange Hi DL is the standout. Compared to other trailer runner X sneaker hybrids such as the adidas Terrex, the UltraRange Hi DL has a casual vibe that’s totally my speed. It’s less about exercise, more about bush bashing on a muddy trail, then hosing your feet off and getting a coffee. The upper is built from light and water-resistant materials with weatherproofing finishes. And Finisterre claims their added inner layer provides “thermal heat retention”. It’s got real soggy music festival potential.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Piotr Ma

GiantMouse ACE Sonoma

This is my go-to folding pocket knife. Heavy duty stonewashed Titanium chassis, 3.4-inch long blade of M390 supersteel, flipper opening and gorgeous satin finish on the blade. And of course all the small details like ball-bearing blade pivot for smoothness, stainless lock insert for long time reliability, skeletonized clip 3D carved in Titanium for low visibility in pocket and strength – all in all it’s scary good execution of slick design by Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes. I really like the clean flowing lines. It combines a classy look with outdoor utility of a full-size folder. Clearly a winner in my book.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Frank Sedlar

Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel

My go-to bag for Autumn weekend getaways is Tanner Goods’ Nomad Duffel. It’s perfect to sling over my shoulder thanks to its generous dousing of English bridle leather and hefty 18 oz waxed cotton. It’s a bag that is going to patina nicely, which is a good thing because the construction of this bag means that it’s going to last a very long time. Beyond the construction, this duffel easily carries a weekend’s worth of (bulky) fall clothing and can withstand November rain while keeping my clothes dry. Oh yeah, and did I mention how good this bag looks?

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Taylor Welden

Munroe Mega Dangler

Oh, how I love the humble yet innovative and badass workhorse that is the Munroe Mega Dangler. This is my single favorite piece of EDC gear that I own… yep, it’s that good. This titanium gadget is in my pocket every single day, neatly and securely hanging my titanium KeySmart and my Muyshondt Aeon titanium Electric Torch (because #AllTitaniumEverything). It’s a pry bar, it’s a bit driver, it’s a key dangler, it’s a money clip, it’s a makeshift blade, and so much more. It’s all these things and doesn’t “add” any extra gear to my EDC, which is pretty amazing. Rumor has it… there will be a Munroe x Carryology Mega Dangler coming very soon!

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

John Pangilinan

Pelican Protector + EMS Battery

After three years with my trusty iPhone 7 Plus, I finally splurged and purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I attempted to use the phone sans a case for about three days before I realized it was destined to become the next casualty of my kids. So the hunt for a new case began. I opted for protection and functionality over style and sleekness to help protect my investment and the new Pelican Recharge case was just what I needed. The case itself is a revamped Pelican Protector with the durability and construction to help with accidental drops, but what stands out is the built-in magnet inside the case to avoid the ugly addition of a magnet to the exterior of the case. The ultra-lightweight and portable Recharge battery connects effortlessly to the case when more juice is needed via Qi charging and is small enough to fit inside a pocket.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Mr Zing

Caran d’Ache 844 mechanical pencil

Though most of the time I’d call myself a ‘digital guy’, I like to scribble things down on paper. Lately I’ve been doing that with a Caran d’Ache 844 mechanical pencil, specifically the 2mm version. In black of course because, well, black. I like that it’s simple yet stylish, it’s compact… and I always have the hots for the label “Swiss made”.

Caran d’Ache offers ballpoint versions too (the 849 model), some posh colors and a limited edition version made partly out of Nespresso pods.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Bo Ismono


I have just recently been to Indonesia to shoot a couple of videos about “how bags are being made”. And for that I needed to carry a bunch of camera gear. 12kg to be exact. And all of that I fitted into the WANDRD PRVKE 31L. I’m still testing the bag, but for now I can say that this bag is a workhorse and did work very well on my trip to Indonesia.

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

Mike Knispel

Alchemy Equipment AEM146 Insulated Tech Shirt

This is something that surprised me. When the sample first bounced across my desk I wasn’t sure how many times I’d wear it. But fast forward 3-4 months and it’s now in my regular rotation. Great as a midlayer (and super light jacket in Summer months) and smooth in the styling department, this minimal number works in the office, business trips, bars, restaurants, you name it. It’s crazy versatile. All while carrying light as a feather and keeping you cosy and warm. Also it’s more matte in person than some of the photos suggest. And it comes with a little stretch and a DWR finish to bead off accidental spills or light rain. It’s a solid option… and it’s got me thinking that I need more insulated shirts, ha!

Staff Picks: Gear We’re Carrying Right Now

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