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Best Camo Patterns for Backpacks

Blend In: Our Favorite Backpack Camo Patterns

by , January 23, 2018

The use of camo patterns began in France during World War One, when the French army began employing artists to paint their artillery and observation posts in patterns which mimicked the surrounding forest. Since that time, the world’s military organizations have adopted hundreds of their own patterns. And nowadays, you can spot a fresh camo print on anything from army surplus rucksacks to runway fashion and everything inbetween. And with such a wide variety on offer, there’s so much of it to geek over and appreciate.

So for a little inspiration, we’ve scoped out some of our favorite backpack camo patterns, from the fashion-slanted to the hardcore hunter.

A Bathing Ape x Porter 1st CAMO Collection

camo patterns for backpacks - bape

Bring together one of Japan’s top lifestyle brands and carry brands and great things happen, like the 1st CAMO Collection from A Bathing Ape and Porter. The collection features a duck hunter style of camo in two colorways across a variety of pieces, from wallets and totes to packs such as their Rucksack and Daypack. The camo is distinguished by its solid background overlaid by large splotches in several colors, and originates from the US M1942 camouflage worn in the Pacific Theater in WWII. And psst, look out for the hidden ape!

Stone Island 90361 Nylon Canvas Backpack

camo patterns backpack - stone island

This Stone Island daypack combines camo and compact multifunctionality in a design that works well in school, EDC and day trip settings. And with two front pockets you’ve got hassle-free storage for items such as your keys, wallet and phone. The combination of greens and grays salutes camouflage intended for use in snowy environments.

Haerfest Arch Backpack

camo patterns haerfast

The camo on this pack hints at a US Woodland or US tri-color desert pattern, which combined with the Navy colorway and pared-back profile gives the Arch Backpack a casual-chic feel that suits informal work and play environments alike. The durable build featuring Japanese jacquard cotton, brass hardware and leather detailing will stand up well to years of use, and there’s space for a 15″ laptop and a quick-access pocket for smaller essentials.

master-piece x nowartt Collaboration Series No.02110-p11

camo patterns mspc

master-piece and nowartt team up for this collaboration made in a choice of three camo colorways. Incorporating inspiration elements such as water, clouds and flying birds, the backpacks feature a forest-like camouflage pattern with hints of leaves and other vegetation that would break up the outline of a human in a stealth situation.

KUIU ICON Pro 1850 Hunting Pack

camo patterns kuiu

This rugged and modular pack is designed for hunting but adaptable enough to suit a range of heavy load-bearing needs thanks to KUIU’s ICON Pro Carbon Fiber frame and suspension, which are included with a Full Kit purchase. Additionally the horseshoe zip opening and multiple interior and exterior pockets provide quick, easy access to your gear. The pack is available in a choice of colorways including Vias Camo which is reminiscent of US Woodland camo. Alternative camo options include Verde Camo and Verde 2.0, both incorporating elements of digital camouflage which feature pixelated micropatterns to better blend in with their surroundings at a distance.

Eastpak x Christopher Raeburn Bust Backpack in Camouflage

camo patterns eastpak

Military inspiration with a fashion slant, this collaborative pack features quick-access front and side pockets and a separate bottom compartment. The limited edition bag is sustainably made with recycled materials, featuring British Military Woodland camouflage, desert camouflage, multi-terrain camouflage and fluorescent yellow drawn from British Border Force jackets.

Porter Counter Shade Backpack

camo patterns porter

Giving a nod to US Woodland camo, Porter leans towards low-key with their Counter Shade Backpack in Woodland Khaki. Crafted in Japan, the pack includes an interior laptop pocket and choice of exterior pockets to store frequently used day-to-day or travel items at the ready. US Woodland served as the Battle Dress Uniform for most of the United States Armed Forces from 1981 to 2006.

The Brown Buffalo Conceal Pack – COVERT® Transitional Camouflage

camo patterns - Brown Buffalo

The Conceal Pack is compact, well organized and versatile for daily or travel carry needs. Made in California with water-resistant COVERT® Transitional Camouflage material, the bag features a mix of interior pockets for keeping gear tidy, along with an exterior pocket for quick-access items. The patented camouflage pattern is designed and developed exclusively for the United States Army.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed

camo patterns - tad

TAD’S FAST Pack Litespeed is well suited to EDC, day trips or overnight travel, with a durable build that handles urban and outdoor environments equally well. The 22L bag also packs in plenty of webbing and attachment points to tailor carry setups to different needs, along with a clamshell-style opening to easily pack and retrieve items inside the main compartment. The pack is seen above in Black MultiCam, a pattern designed to blend in when darkness falls.

Eberlestock Transformer Pack

camo patterns - eberlstock

The Transformer is a tough, versatile bag that can be used on its own or paired with Eberlestock’s Mainframe Pack for a modular load-bearing system. In addition to two side pockets and compression straps, the pack also includes top and front access for convenient usability. The Transformer comes in a variety of camo options, including a digital camo pattern and patterns designed to break up the wearer’s outline in diverse hunting environments such as woodlands and slopes.

Mystery Ranch Metcalf – GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Subalpine pattern

camo patterns - mystery ranch

Designed for hunting but adaptable to other uses, the Metcalf features a Guide Light Frame for heavy loads, as well as a detachable lid when you want to travel lighter. This version comes in a GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine pattern, and includes an Overload Shelf™ feature as well as top and side access to easily pack and reach gear throughout the bag. The camo pattern was designed by camouflage and animal vision experts and features a digitally rendered blend of micro and macro patterns. Intended for hunting ungulates from ground level in areas with vegetation and tree cover, the pattern is designed for optimal engagement ranges of 50 yards or less.

Atelier de L’Armée Flight Pack

Atelier de L'Armée Flight Pack in M90 Camouflage

This Flight Pack features M90 Camouflage, a pattern utilized by the Swedish Armed Forces. The pattern features geometric shapes in four colors designed to blend into temperate forests and plains. The pattern also comes in additional variants to suit jungle and desert terrain.

Helinox TERG Daypack

Helinox TERG Daypack

The pattern on this TERG Daypack takes its cues from Tigerstripe camo. Tigerstripe patterns were first developed for the South Vietnamese Armed Forces as variants of the French Lizard camo pattern, and designed for use in dense jungle environments. Tigerstripe camo was also used by US Special Forces during the Vietnam War. The camo traditionally features black, green and brown stripes in a pattern that, as the name suggests, resembles tiger stripes.

What’s your favorite camo print? Hit us in the comments. 


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