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Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

by , December 8, 2023

EDC is the first piece of the puzzle when it comes to carrying well. There are a plethora of options out there, and you might have spent years dialing in your carry. Perhaps you’ve got it down to a fine art; however, there’s always something worth looking into. You can always Carry Better! These options are simple upgrades to make your EDC kit shine.

Prometheus Design Werx x Carryology Modular EDC Pouches (from US$31)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Light, rugged and with serious X-factor, our collaboration with Prometheus Design Werx dishes up four unique pouches perfect for optimizing your carrying system. Be it the admin organization and drawbridge-style opening of the A02-C – a pouch fit for the inside or outside of your pack for quick essentials access – to the cyclinder-like awesomeness of the AP-C, a pouch that can do double duty, daily or outdoors, for the longer tools in your arsenal.

And if you’re the kind if EDCer who digs having their phone off-body but close-at-hand, check out the SPX-C for a solution that fits most of today’s smartphones. And with the above donning VX25, Aquaguard zippers, and three of the four lined with Dimension Polyant PX05, you have one ready-to-go-anywhere collection.

The James Brand x Huckberry Gatecliff Stationary Collection ($151)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Nothing about the Gatecliff notebook sleeve is ordinary. The topographic black design is exclusive to Huckberry, the zipper is custom-tooled, and the water-resistant, nearly-indestructible Cordura™ material is the stuff car airbags are made of. This makes the Gatecliff tough enough to take on fishing boats, carry on the Camino, or pull out of your backpack no matter where inspiration strikes. Items like these can bounce from bag to bag without hesitation and keep your carry streamlined.

CW&T Pen Type-C (US$52)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Is it a pen? Is it a bookmark? The CW&T Pen Type-C is both, delivering a sleek minimalist design that doubles as a lightweight but functional pen and bookmark. Easily portable in a pocket, notebook, or bag, the pen combines grade 5 titanium construction with flippable bent spring steel to protect the tip when not in use. The pen also comes with a removable stainless steel clip and uses a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge that won’t leak or dry when exposed to air.

Windeler Extra Stak Magnetic Multi Tool ($159)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

We love ingenuity at Carry HQ, so when we play with a magnetic, modular ecosystem of tools and knives–we’re very happy!. Built with the intention of carrying only what you need, Windeler is the answer to transporting a modular ecosystem of lightweight, stackable tools and knives to go. Perfect for working on your latest project on the spot, just select what you need for the task at hand or join individual tools together with their Polnetik™ connector to create your customized stacked set. Oh, and did we mention they are titanium?

GiantMouse ACE REO Denim Micarta (US$195)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Inspired by the thriving spirit and creativity of REO Town, the GiantMouse ACE REO is a fusion of ultramodern design and industrial heritage. Designed by renowned Danish knife makers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø, the ACE REO is more than just a cutting-edge tool. The ACE REO boasts a blade crafted from CPM MagnaCut steel, ensuring a perfect blend of sharpness and durability. Its lightweight yet robust canvas Micarta or G10 handles with “diamond plate” milling provide an impeccable grip making it an ideal choice for any application, from outdoor adventures to everyday carry. Its aesthetic appeal lies in its clean lines and meticulous finishing, which mirror the streamlined vehicles manufactured by the REO Motor Car Company.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin CPL ($399)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

Our Phoenix collections (V1 and V2) were born from futuristic high-tech materials and technology – but with the Griffin we looked back to the Old World. Designed to be hard-wearing, handsome, and an heirloom collection for the ages. We combined the award-winning backpack CPL24 with the historic Scottish mill, Halley Stevensons. We built the bag in P400 Wax C4X, a custom-made high-end cotton & wax finished shell that’s stiff and durable. Then we added beautiful leather “blood knot” zipper pullers sourced from 100-year-old supplier Berger Co. Combined with a stunning hot orange internal lining and the CPL24’s signature features sets and appearance, the Griffin Edition is modern meets heritage incarnate. The Duffel, CAP2, and MHP are also great additions to your EDC.

Minus 8 Diver 2.0 Titanium Watch ($473)

Holiday Gift | EDC Specialist

What if we told you that you could have a killer, fully titanium automatic watch, with titanium band, for under $500? That’s the best introduction I can think of for Minus-8 and their flagship Diver 2.0 timepiece. Finding the perfect balance between style, function, durability, and value is a perpetual quest, not just for watches, but for everything in the life of a Carryologist. We’ve had the privilege of exploring various timepieces in this market segment over the years, and few brands have left as lasting an impression as Minus-8


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