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Best ‘Buy It For Life’ Brands | Snow Peak

by , June 20, 2024

In this series, we’ll be exploring some of the more investment-worthy corners of the carry world. These brands may be more pricey, or harder to come by, but usually with good reason. Whether these brands are innovating the latest fabric technologies, using specialist craftsmanship, or have an ironclad warranty,  you can be sure that these products will last for a lifetime.

Second in our Buy It For Life (#BIFL) series, we’re looking across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. Japanese culture, and in particular their approach to high-quality gear, has had a profound impact on Carryology and our readers. No brand epitomizes that more than Snow Peak, the outdoor lifestyle brand who specialise in minimalist design, high-quality construction, and gear designed to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. From their impeccable furniture to their pristine apparel, Snow Peak has something for everyone. It is the kind of company that makes you want to live in their catalog, and once the Snow Peak bug has bitten you, there is no coming back.

So after years of testing products from every part of their range, we’ve picked some of the top gear from the Japanese powerhouse.


Minimalist Japanese style married with innovative fabrics and design features, what’s not to love from Snow Peak’s apparel collection?

Takibi Weather Cloth Jacket (US$459.95)

Takibi Weather Cloth Jacket

The Takibi Weather Cloth Jacket is a loose-fitting workwear jacket that lends itself to various urban and outdoor pursuits, from running errands in town to kicking back at a barbeque. Made with fire-resistant Takibi material (a Snow Peak speciality), it offers multiple easy-access pockets for storing small items, as well as back vents for breathability. This is the type of jacket that becomes a “must grab” for any occasion, and drapes in the way that only Snow Peak apparel can. If you’re looking to invest in your next jacket upgrade, this could be the one.

Toned Trout 2.5L River Jacket (US$479.95)

Toned Trout 2.5L River Jacket

Snow Peak made their name in the outdoors, and how to get people outdoors more comfortably. Well, you can’t risk time outside without staying dry! Perfect for wet weather and water-based outdoor activities, this waterproof jacket hails from Japanese fishing apparel brand Toned Trout. Snow Peak choose their collaborative partners very carefully, and Toned Trout are specialists. Made with a waterproof and puncture-resistant 2.5-layer nylon material exterior, the jacket delivers solid service on fishing trips and around camp, with pit zips for ventilation, weatherproof zippers, and an adjustable hood.

Flexible Insulated Collection

Flexible Insulated Collection

This might be Carry HQ’s favourite insulating layer! Snow Peak’s Flexible Insulated Collection deftly balances urban-friendly style with outdoor-ready performance, featuring water-resistant, insulated material with a touch of stretch so you can stay cozy and comfy wherever your next adventure takes you. We’ve worn all of these variants in different settings the world over. From mountain hikes to business meetings, the flexible insulated collection is insulation like no other. Constructed with recycled polyester and Primeflex, the collection offers a range of enticing pieces such as the Flexible Insulated Shirt, Flexible Insulated Cardigan, and Flexible Insulated Vest, providing lightweight quilted comfort and style along with a choice of pockets so essentials remain close at hand. The epitome of style meet substance.


Titanium champions, Snow Peak have a habit of making the humble items in your life feel extra special.

Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle (US$184.95)

Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle

Do-it-all drinkware is another of Snow Peak’s iconic product lined, and if you’re looking for a premium drinking experience, this bottle certainly delivers. Made with Japanese titanium, the lightweight bottle has a 13oz capacity and features double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cool for over six hours. The bottle comes with a tumbler lid, cooler lid, and thermal lid and works equally well as a daily hydration carrier or camping companion.  It’s the perfect option to travel with as it fulfils many roles in elegant, understated style.

Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle (US$149.95)

Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle

If you don’t need insulation for your piping hot coffee or your super chilled water, then this striking bottle is the one for you. Bringing the beautiful northern lights into your daily carry and stems from a collaboration between Snow Peak and Nippon Steel. The bottle is Snow Peak’s first recycled titanium product and includes a recycled plastic bottle cap. Available in 600ml and 800ml options, this bottle delivers a refreshing drinking experience with no unpleasant aftertaste. At a featherweight 4.9/5.3oz, you’ll barely know its there. In true Snow Peak style, this is an attractive upgrade to your EDC.

Round Titanium Flask in 150ml (US$194.95)

Round Titanium Flask in 150ml

Whether you’re saluting reaching the top of the peak or enjoying a relaxing campfire tipple, this 150ml titanium flask is a classy option for keeping your drink of choice at the ready. The titanium construction maintains the flavor of the contents, while the wooden cap offers a handsome contrast to the metal flask. A handy funnel is also included for convenient pouring. This makes an excellent gift too, and will last through many adventures. If you need a little more fuel in the tank, there is a 250ml Titanium Flask option too. A different profile, with more capacity, but equally exceptional style, presentation, and performance.

Titanium Flask in 250ml

Outdoor Living

Snow Peak are famed for their imaginative and communal approach to camping, if you want to relax in style and comfort in the great outdoors, look no further.

Alpha Breeze & Takibi Tarp Hexa Set (US$1149.95)

Alpha Breeze & Takibi Tarp Hexa Set

When it’s time to gather together around camp or bed down for the night, this set has you (literally) covered. It includes the Alpha Breeze tent which fits four people, with an extendable front flap for handy sheltered seating. The tent’s interior mat provides comfy insulation for sleeping, while the included ground sheet protects the tent base. There’s a reason that the Alpha Breeze has gained a bit of a cult following, and I don’t think that’s just because of the great materials and design. I think it’s because it is reminiscent of camping in years gone by. The Alpha Breeze is actually a North American special too, inspired by the A-frame cabins of America’s wilderness. You don’t have to spend long inside one to realise how different laying your weary head in a tent like this is, compared to the older canvas style tents you’ve endured. Spacious, breezy, and easy to set up, this is like having your own holiday home ready to go at any given second.

You can’t truly know Snow Peak until you’ve sat under one of their fireproof tarps. The Takibi Tarp Hexa, a waterproof and UV-blocking Ivory Hexa Tarp that features a fire-resistant aramid fabric lining for the inner roof, making it suitable to have campfires beneath the tarp. Whether you need more shade in summer, or more warmth in winter, The Takibi tarp means you can enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family in a little more comfort, just as Snow Peak intended when they started back in 1958.

Takibi Fire & Grill (US$319.95)

Takibi Fire & Grill

If you’re going to get a fireproof tarp, you’ve got to make sure you have the firepit to match. The Takibi Fire & Grill is the ultimate pack-and-go grill, featuring a modular portable design that sets up into a welcoming grill to gather around. The set includes a Grill Net, Grill Bridge, Pack & Carry Fireplace L, Baseplate, and a carrying case, making it easy to transport on outdoor trips. However, while this is primarily designed as a grill, it makes for a great firepit too. Portable, easy to use, and minimal in size (it packs down ingeniously like origami!) and weight compared to other firepits, the Takibi Grill is a one-size-fits-all solution to all camp life needs.

Renewed Take! Bamboo Chair Long (US$249.95)

Renewed Take! Bamboo Chair Long

I’ve fallen asleep in this chair more than I care to admit. Is this the world’s best camping chair!? With its extended backrest and attractive combination of materials, I would argue that the Renewed Take! Bamboo Chair Long is. It’s the perfect choice for lounging in style, I’ve used this indoors as much as I have outdoors thanks to its elegant design and supreme comfort. The chair is made with bamboo legs, aluminum supports, and a canvas seat and comes with a carry strap for easy portability. This is a perfect addition to your campsite, your lounge, or even your beach carry.

IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set (US$599.95)

IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set

Fireproof tarps, relaxing tents, and comfortable chairs mean nothing without some good grub. Take your camp cooking to the next level with the IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set. Packed with a whole variety of tools and features to accommodate kitchen prep, cooking, and cleaning, you’ll feel like you’ve transported your home kitchen to the great outdoors. This is a great collection of some of Snow Peaks best cookware, and it can be built out thanks to its modular design. The Iron Grill Table starter set has a variety of modular units including the frame and legs, two stainless steel storage boxes, a foldable cutting board with a full-sized chef’s knife, a flat burner (single burner camping stove), a waterproof gear bag that can double as storage or a camp sink, and a carrying case. No more excuses for burnt hotdogs now, you can make a full three course dinner with this.

Snow Peak are an innovator in the outdoor space, blending luxury and performance in a way that no others do. While they are on the higher end of the price spectrum, the phrase “buy it nice or buy it twice” comes to mind and they are undoubtedly worth it if you’re someone who is serious about upgrading your apparel, EDC, or outdoor kit. Snow Peak isn’t a brand as much as it’s a lifestyle, and once you’ve spent time in their clothing, using their titanium bottles, or relaxing in effortless style, you’ll see why we think this is a perfect example of the #BIFL movement.


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