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3 Great Technical Jeans to Keep You Warm, Dry and Active this Winter

by , December 27, 2021

Canadians know a thing or two about inclement weather, and whichever coast you find yourself on, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into some moody skies – particularly in the autumn and winter months! Thankfully, DU/ER are problem solvers. Their whole line is built on the philosophy of doing anything and everything you want in a day – without having to change your outfit.


We’ve hand-selected and tested three of their signature jeans – and can happily recommend them as great jeans for winter.

DU/ER Fireside Denim

Stave off the chill – Fireside Denim

Price: $159

Carryology Credential: Fleece-lined denim with DWR and stretch

What you’ll like: Three great staple colors, effective at keeping warm, versatile.

One of the best parts of winter is moseying around outside and enjoying all that the world has to offer in its sparkliest season. However, if you live anywhere remotely cold, you have to prepare. Traditionally, that would mean layering up with multiple pairs of leggings and pants combos. And while warm, it’s not particularly the style one might look for when heading out to dinner with friends and family. Your next option will be lined pants. These are great but often thicker as they require the room for two or more layers of fabric, and you can get that annoying separate movement from the individual fabrics as you walk.

DU/ER Fireside Denim

Enter the Fireside Denim. What’s unique about these jeans from DU/ER is that they interweave the denim and the fleece, providing a tailored silhouette without any bulk. I’ve become obsessed with these jeans, to the point I keep rolling up jeans to show off the lining! Made from an 81/13/4/2 cotton, polyester, nylon, and elastane mix, these jeans are stretchy, comfortable, and warm. Not forgetting that they are DWR-coated too, ready for any of your winter adventures.

Fleece-lined jeans

I’ve used these for hiking, outdoor photography (long periods of standing still), and dinners too. We’re not talking of a light breeze – but a 20ºF windchill on exposed trails. While I wouldn’t want these to take a soaking in driving rain, they shed snow and light rain comfortably. These are a very versatile piece of clothing that I’ve been turning to regularly and they’d be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. The Fireside Denim is available for men and women, in both slim and regular fit.

DU/ER Fireside Denim

Weather be gone! Stay Dry Denim Slim

Price: $139

Carryology Credential: Keep the water at bay as you adventure!

What you’ll like: Great fit, excellent temperature regulation, and dry legs!

Winter isn’t always cold though. Sometimes staying dry is the priority as you galavant on your adventures. The DU/ER Stay Dry Denim is the perfect companion for when the precipitation arrives. With a cotton, COOLMAX®, and Lycra blend, these jeans are incredibly stretchy for those who are active, and the DWR coating repels water and dirt with ease. I’ve worn these to travel to rainy Vancouver and I’ve had a friend spill drinks on them – you wouldn’t even know! DU/ER’s signature gusset helps provide extra stretch at one of the traditional failure points on jeans, which is particularly helpful if you’re puddle jumping! The COOLMAX® fibers wick moisture like your favorite gym shorts, but also help to keep you warm on the colder days. Add in the reflective label, and you’ve got a perfect pair of jeans for commuting too! These are the perfect hybrid jeans that you can use year-round. The Stay Dry Denim is available in both slim and regular fit.

Stay Dry Denim

Everyday Activity – Performance Denim

Price: From $129

Carryology Credential: The Everyday Jean you’ve been missing!

What you’ll like: Stylish enough for town, with all the stretch for adventures!

If you’re looking for a daily driver, that is stretchy and stylish – DU/ER’s Performance Denim is the one for you. In a wide array of washes, these are the replacement for your older pairs. Similar to the Stay Dry Jeans, these have a cotton, COOLMAX®, and Lycra blend and are very stretchy for those who are active. These are the jeans I’ve been wearing around the house and running errands in. For those of you in warmer climates, these are lighter than the Stay Dry and Fireside Denim, and just as comfortable! Performance Denim is available for men and women, in both slim and regular fit.

Performance Denim

These three pairs of pants are just a small example of the thoughtful design and excellent construction coming from DU/ER. All of their jeans feature triple stitched inseams, gussets, and back rises, so you know that you can rely on them wherever you might find yourself. The blend of fashion and function fits perfectly into my lifestyle and I can’t sing their praises enough. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe this winter – look no further.

DU/ER are having their end-of-year sale now!



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