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Doubles Black Noah

Japan’s Doubles Black Brings Leather and Style to Everyday Carry

by , March 17, 2020

Harvest Label are a Japanese brand with 25 years in the carry industry. And you don’t welcome over two decades in this industry unless you’re doing something right. Harvest Label’s fine-tuned balance of quality construction, functional design and enticing aesthetics have established them as a brand you need to know.

And that’s where the Harvest Label North America collection comes in. It’s based on various sub-brands sold in Japan, giving a more global audience an introduction to the brand. And for the first time in the USA, Harvest Label are launching their Doubles Black (DSBK) series.

DSBK Noah Sling Pack

Elevating form and function for urban performance

This sophisticated series caters towards modern professionals and carry enthusiasts (aka folks who know what’s good and care about the details). Practical and stylish, the bags are designed to adapt to various needs and settings for busy urban lifestyles. And Doubles? A combination of function and aesthetic, ensuring each piece finds that careful balance between form and functionality that really takes gear to the next level.

DSBK Noah Backpack

Embracing the elements

DSBK utilizes a super water-repellent cowhide leather, a feature not many leather bags incorporate. The leather is soaked in 3M’s Scotchgard water-repellent solvent, resulting in a durable, highly water-repellent leather that resists scratches and stains. Referred to as Fractale leather (fractale in French relates to the concept of a curved or geometric figure), it features a very fine roughness that still retains a smooth handfeel. The fine roughness on the surface traps air for added protection against water.

Harvest Label DSBK

The series also features Cordura nylon with L-XTR, a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet laminated behind the Cordura nylon to create a high-performance, waterproof yet breathable fabric.


While the DSBK series is not made in Japan, this attention to detail nods to the brand’s history, experience, and dedication to functionality and quality throughout the line.

Class acts for your daily carry needs

Our favorite two pieces of the collection are the Noah Sling Pack and Noah Backpack. The Noah Sling Pack steps up to carry smaller loads in sleek style, with considered access and organization.

DSBK Noah Sling Pack
DSBK Noah Sling Pack

You can easily reach EDC and travel essentials throughout the day thanks to multiple access points, an assortment of pockets, and an ambidextrous design.

DSBK Noah Sling Pack

And of course the durable, highly water-repellent build works hard to protect your gear on the go.

DSBK Noah Sling Pack

The Noah Backpack is a smart, reliable companion for larger loads. Just like the sling, you’ll find that signature DSBK blend of function, access, quality construction, and clean styling here.

DSBK Noah Backpack

Quick-access pockets keep frequently used items close at hand, while a padded interior sleeve safely stores up to 15″ tech. The pack also features top and rear zippered access to the main compartment, with dual top handles for grab-and-go portability.

DSBK Noah Backpack
DSBK Noah Backpack

Bet on black for better EDC

While DSBK may still be relatively new to the global market, Harvest Label’s extensive experience and attention to detail are evident throughout the series. Quietly refined and understated, the line really does exude that coveted balance of versatile function and aesthetic. If elevated urban performance is your carry style of choice, you’ll find it here in spades.

DSBK Noah Backpack


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