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5 Minutes with

5 Minutes with BNVVT

5 Minutes with BNVVT

by , September 2, 2014
BNVVT (Bon Vivant) believe in fostering the good life in all its many forms, from crafting handmade quality goods to embracing curiosity, creativity and a sense of adventure. To find out more about merging the bon vivant philosophy with bag making, we got the inside scoop from this Brisbane-born brand on their design motivations and inspirations, as well as new developments to look forward to…
BNVVT Duffel

What key insights drive your stuff?

Appreciating the good things in life – travel, culture, a full life and a taste for the finer things. This is why BNVVT began. We value a vintage-inspired, masculine style combined with contemporary touches and embrace traditional skills and methods that have been passed down from father to son. We want our goods to go against the throw-away mentality of other makers. We are seeking enjoyment from every aspect of life.
BNVVT Doctor Jones

Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?

Tailfeather, they are fellow Aussies who make amazing things that are minimalist and beautiful. Filson for obvious reasons. Brooks England do really interesting pieces that combine modern technology, heritage and functional design.

Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

I think the way certain brands incorporate eco-friendly practices such as using recycled or upcycled goods is something to strive towards and is something we are really interested in. Repurposing things whilst acknowledging their previous uses gives a unique history and character to pieces. This and the general trend towards pieces of quality is really great to see. People are choosing with their purchases to shy away from the mass produced throw-away society and support people who are making things to last.

What’s next for you guys?

Next, hmmm so many things we would like to do. We are working on sampling some footwear at the moment that would have a similar style and feel to our carry gear. I think men’s footwear is severely underserved in what I would call well styled, quality made footwear, such as incorporating methods that have largely fallen to the wayside like Goodyear welt soles, due to cost. We are also always working on different samples and finishes, working with our craftsmen to come up with different unique results. Sometimes coming up with a really great treatment or finish is fairly simple but replicating the results can be a real effort.

What do you carry daily and how?

I usually travel lightly as I am getting around town on a scooter. I carry a laptop, notepad, pen, sunglasses and whatever odds and ends I need for that particular day. I normally carry these around in a new sample of one style or another. It gives me a chance to test the functionality, design and feel before we put it out there. It also serves as a good gauge for how styles might be received through the reaction of friends and the general public. It can really help guide whether we are on the right page or not.
BNVVT Stop Drop and Roll...Top


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