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Mtn Approach Ski System

by , June 29, 2011

Mtn Approach Ski System

A new approach for back-country snowboarders

Back-country snowboarders have it pretty hard. For anything more than a quick slip under the ropes, you need to hike with slow and clumsy snowshoes, or fork out for an expensive split-board (which then won’t feel great on the groom). And either way, you’re going to be carrying a bunch of gear.

Enter Mtn Approach, a new fold up ski system for boarders to hike on, before packing them away and riding their normal equipment. And the bit we really like? It comes with a pretty sexy backpack…

Mtn Approach Ski System

The skis are 150cms long, with 2 sets of hinges that allow you to fold them in thirds for packing. They have steel edges, and the skins are built in (but are replaceable).

Mtn Approach Ski System

The bindings fit around your regular soft boots, and seem to have the basics (like heel-lifts) well covered. The whole system should retail for US$795, which feels really reasonable.

Mtn Approach Ski System

There are two long vertical pockets inside the pack to store the folded skis, as well as a bunch of other bits you’d expect on a mountain pack.

Mtn Approach Ski System

The founder (Cory Smith) worked with Dave Narajowski for the designs. Dave is an industry vet who used to lead a design team at Black Diamond, which explains that sexy-stealth aesthetic they are running.

While we haven’t had a play with this yet, it’s certainly looking like a great new way to carry your boarding butt out to some fresh. And as a telemarker, I’ll be stoked to reduce the number of snow shoes messing with our tracks!

If you want to explore more, check out an interview at Transworld Business, or jump on their website or blog.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.