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Dig or Diss

Dig or Diss | Air Mesh

by , September 25, 2010

Dig or Diss | Air Mesh

Dig or Diss | Air Mesh

This is a diss, we’re def not fans of air mesh. It rubs on your skin real bad, doesn’t actually help back ventilation, and has terrible durability…

While we don’t advise you to ride/walk around topless with your backpack on, when you do and you have air mesh on your pack, you will more then likely end up with some rather sore chaffed spots around your shoulders and back. Even if you are wearing a shirt, air mesh can still create spots of rash or soreness. It’s gnarly how rough the material can feel against your skin.

Then there’s the breathability issue… there is none. Ride too hard or walk too fast and you’re getting the sweats. Mad sweat marks where the bag was, it’s funny to look at on others, but annoying when it’s happening to you.

We haven’t even touched on it clogging with snow in winter, cheapening the look of your pack, or fur-balling and breaking apart with any serious use. And yet the stuff is everywhere. Like those silly ‘headphone ports’, everyone adds them to bags without ever questioning why.

So let’s ditch the air mesh, and find some better alternatives.


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