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Isaac Reina Divided Wallet

If you’re looking to invest in a luxury leather wallet and favor slim, streamlined aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with the Isaac Reina Divided Wallet. The chic calf leather is undoubtedly the star of the show, showcased in all its glory thanks to a pared-back and elegantly minimalist design. This beautifully crafted bi-fold wallet is […]

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Big on features, small on bulk. The Slim Sleeve is designed to provide great everyday functionality while staying slim and compact enough to fit in a pocket. Constructed from quality vegetable-tanned leather, this stylish wallet includes two quick-access slots for frequently used cards, as well as a section for storing infrequently used cards – plus […]

MAKR Flap Slim

Getting in a flap about your pocket carry? MAKR offers a simple and stylish solution with their Flap Slim wallet. Designed as a single pocket with a flap opening, this wallet is a handy hauler for coins, cards, cash and other small items you like having within easy reach. Built to last, the wallet is […]

MAKR Horizon Three

Big, overstuffed wallets are a drag – quite literally – on your pocket. Luckily there are wallets like the Horizon Three, ready to reestablish harmony in your daily hauling. This classy wallet will hone your minimalist carry skills with a simple and elegant design featuring two interior pockets and one exterior pocket. Great for carrying […]

MAKR Round Wallet

In a world where far too many wallets cram in as many bells and whistles as possible, the MAKR Round Wallet deserves a round of applause. There are no unnecessary design distractions here. Just a stylish and practical form, executed with careful craftsmanship and beautiful materials. The wallet is constructed from durable and attractive Horween […]

DODOcase Leather Wallet

The key to efficient wallet carry is paring down the contents to the essentials. For most people, that’s cards and cash. To be a lean carry machine, you need to shed the excess weight, leave the ten different occasionally used cards at home, purge all the unnecessary papers that have wormed their way into your […]

Maxx & Unicorn BiFold

The balancing act between form and function is tough, and most wallets fall to one side. The Maxx&Unicorn Bifold is not most wallets. This wallet successfully navigates the design tightrope with an intriguing stitch less form that brings that extra bit of personality to your pocket carry. Crafted by hand using a single piece of […]

Tailfeather Sparrow

There’s no gimmicks, no unnecessary add-ons…just a tidy and chic wallet that slides conveniently into a pocket while avoiding unattractive pocket bulge.

Abrasus Bi-Fold

While the idea of a slim but feature-rich wallet is appealing, bringing it to life is no easy task. abrAsus however have succeeded. The thoughtful design is immediately apparent with this wallet, which offers space for bills, cards and coins without appearing cluttered or bulky. There’s even a slot beneath the bills which provides a […]

Bellroy Note Sleeve

“Nice bag!” Perhaps you’ve heard this comment, felt slightly confused because you aren’t carrying one –and then realized it’s a cheeky reference to your wallet. So yeah, maybe you need a wallet intervention…but you’ve got a lot to carry; the proverbial rock and a hard place. Luckily, Bellroy has a svelte solution to get you […]

Maxx & Unicorn Card Sleeve

The Card Sleeve is a clever piece of carry that will please as much for its intriguing construction as its simple convenience. The single pocket design accommodates cards and folded cash – a straightforward way to keep your essentials all in one place. The rugged American-made bridle leather will stand up to the test of […]

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Small in size, big in character…the Bellroy Card Sleeve is a nifty option for anyone after a classy and compact wallet. Constructed out of beautiful vegetable-tanned leather in a range of stylish colorways, the Card Sleeve features two external slots for easy access to frequently used cards. The main pocket is great for storing infrequently […]

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Looking fresh during your travels is hard. Fancy a simple solution? Whip out the Bellroy Travel Wallet for an instant style boost thanks to its chic design and beautiful vegetable-tanned leather. But there’s more to this wallet than good looks. With dedicated space for boarding passes, frequently used cards, secondary cards, cash, a passport and […]

Bellroy Coin Fold

The all-rounder with quick access to coins, cash and cards. For folk that want to keep their valuables together. A pinch opens the coin pouch and releases a leather ridge, making it easy to tip coins out and avoid those awkward fumbles. Made from just 3 panels of leather, the back section includes a latch […]


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.