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How to help Ukraine

How To Help Ukraine, According to a Local Bag Maker

by , March 8, 2022

As we watch the events unfold in Ukraine, many of us think of our friends, family, colleagues, community members, and everyone affected on the ground, and we grasp at ways we can help. Can we send money? Where? Will buying products help? If we’re being honest, most of us don’t know. So I reached out to one of our favorite brands to watch, D4 Bags. Dima, the individual behind D4 Bags, designs, creates, and lives in Ukraine.

D4 Bags

Unsurprisingly, according to Dima, most makers aren’t putting their efforts into making products at this time. There’s also currently no shipping from within Ukraine. So, while you might be able to order products from these makers, keep in mind that while you will be supporting those individuals, you won’t necessarily be seeing a product in the mail tomorrow. And, you know, that’s okay. These makers are doing their best, as individuals and brands, to help their local communities in any way they can. Brands like Blackpack are even sewing medical kits and protective equipment. They’ve even volunteered fabric, patterns, and assistance for others looking to do the same.


And so we asked Dima, a man on the ground, to provide us with resources for those members of our community who wish to help. His recommendation is to visit Support Ukraine Now, created by Global Shapers and supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. SUK has curated a list of nonprofits, charities, and other foundations with a history of success and transparency. Dima has also pointed us at this specific post from @ukrainiansinsolidarity with further ways of donating and helping. For a more direct recommendation, his charity of choice is Come Back Alive, which supports defensive initiatives with training and supplies.

We leave you with this information, without further comment, other than that we hope all of our friends in Ukraine are safe and staying safe. We hope this helps, even if just a little bit.

Photos provided by D4 Bags, Blackpack, and Help Save Ukraine.


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