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Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Guide’s Edition


Tom Bihn Guide’s Edition Synapse 25: Quick Look

by , December 21, 2017

The legendary Tom Bihn Synapse 25 gets an adventurous update. And Chase Reeves gets stuck into the details. Meet the Tom Bihn Guide’s Edition Synapse 25

*Feature image by Fatih Arslan. He’s also written an epic review of this backpack, read it here

  • Jonas Hanna

    I agree with Chase about these looking better than the originals even though it still looks like a turtle shell to me. Everyone that has one raves about what a joy it is to use though.

  • Mike Spadafora

    This or the GoRuck Gr1 for all around use?

    • TeamCarryology

      Oh, good question. Both are great brands with great warranties.

      If you’re going to put it through serious abuse – GR1. If you’re looking for a rugged tactical vibe (that might draw you to military types when in transit) – GR1. If you dig pouches over built-in organization – GR1.

      On the other hand: if you’re more into the gentle heritage / outdoor vibe – Synapse. If you dig pocketing – Synapse. If you’re looking for slightly better comfort – Synapse.

      • Ramon Barros III

        As posted in my instagram amazingly numerously times, the Tom Bihn Synapse 25L going strong for two years is my camera and everydaycarry comfortable bag of choice. As well my Medium cafe bag, yes yes why not.

        • TeamCarryology


  • niico100

    Man this bag is UGLY – like every tom bihn bag in history. The photo of the dude wearing the bag with a badly clashing green jacket says it all.

    Got no style or partially sighted? Get Tom Bihn.

  • Kyle

    This or the Alpha One Niner Evade?

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_MhxzokJ0bP:disqus, if you’re into the EDC movement and carry lots of small EDC tools and dig a tactical vibe then the Evade, for sure.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.