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Favorite affordable backpacks

by , February 20, 2012

Favorite affordable backpacks

Favorite affordable backpacks

Much of our time at Carryology is spent drooling over discussing the great carry pieces of the world. Unfortunately, these often come with pretty hefty price-tags. But you don’t have to spend a bomb to get a great carry piece.

We’ve picked out some sweet backpacks that won’t break the bank. These are versatile bags that help you get on with life. They should last well and even look pretty good. The idea is that you’ll then have some change to buy your loved one a little treat

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Gravis Uno

We talk a lot about the Gravis Metro, but the Burton sister brand also have a bunch of other great carry styles. The Uno is a bag bag, not overly confusing or complicated; just the core elements in great proportions. It’s often available on sale, has loads of great fabric options, and will have you covered for work or study.

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Favorite affordable backpacks

Wed’ze Reverse One

At any price-point, this would be a good pack. Being able to access on the go as easily with a backpack as is normally reserved for messenger bags is quite the innovation coup. And being available at Decathlon (think REI crossed with Wal-Mart and baguettes), it is crazy good value. We’d love to see this harness system extended to photo backpacks.

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Favorite affordable backpacks

MEC Expresso Daypack

Canadians are pretty darn lucky to have Mountain Equipment Co-op. For decades they’ve been retailing and designing great value outdoor equipment to kit out their country folk for survival in the extremes. While the Expresso Daypack is our pick for daypack value, also check the MEC Darwin 2 for a higher spec, or the Dragonfly for more active pursuits.

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Favorite affordable backpacks

The North Face Hot Shot Backpack

For those that don’t know, the parent company of The North Face makes more backpacks than any other brand in the world. Think carry brands like Jansport, Eastpak and Eagle Creek, as well as accessories for Vans and Reef and lots of their other brand stable. So, ummm, they know a thing or two about building bags, and TNF Hot Shot is right in their sweet-spot. For a similar vibe, also check out Patagonia’s Fuego (not owned by VF Corp).

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Favorite affordable backpacks

Quiksilver Tribeca

There was a time when the surf brands were a little bit expensive. However while the rest of the world has been raising prices, the surf brands have lifted features while keeping the price-points school friendly. It means you can get a well featured pack, that looks good and has some cred for the price of a trendy T-shirt. The Tribeca is one such pack, but there’s lots of others.

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Favorite affordable backpacks


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