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Could This Be the Ultimate Work Bag for Women?

by , August 13, 2019

For years the realm of women’s work carry tended to fall between purely functional bags suffering in ‘the looks’ department to pure fashion bags with only a brand name to offer. But what if you didn’t have to choose between function and form? And even better, what if you could have a bag that offered both while also being sustainably made?

Well, the Laflore bobobark bag might just offer it all.

Parisian chic with functional flair

Father and daughter team Elie Soroussi and Natacha Soroussi founded Laflore as a means to express their combined passions of fashion, functional design and sustainable construction. Elie has been in the fashion industry for over three decades and is the founder of fashion house Cecile & Jeanne Paris. Natacha shares her father’s love of design and craft and together they have created a brand that offers luxury and sustainability in one. And the Parisian brand’s first offering, the bobobark bag, is a piece that elegantly blends all of these values.

The bag’s clean, geometric aesthetic is designed to flatter the wearer’s silhouette and transition easily between the office and nights about town.

But what takes the bag to the next level is the fusion of functional features and designer looks, which is a combination, I personally, have found hard to find.


And there’s a lot more to it: three carry options make it easy to adapt to different settings and loads. bobobark can be carried as a backpack, shoulder bag or briefcase. And transitioning between carry modes is a straightforward process of clipping or unclipping the bag’s straps.

Additionally, the bag has a lovely range of pocketing options and convenient access to ensure the contents remain tidy and within easy reach throughout the day or night.

The bag opens 180 degrees to provide clear visibility of the contents and easy access. A zippered pocket in the center of the main compartment doubles as a divider, creating handy compartmentalization. The padded 13″ laptop pocket offers both internal and external access to your tech, while the phone pocket also offers both interior and exterior access and features a cable port for on-the-go charging. And with further pockets on hand, you can store work and EDC items neatly and avoid annoying rummaging for specific gear.

Could This Be the Ultimate Work Bag for Women?

Style meets sustainability

It was important to Natacha and Elie that the bag not only looks great and functions well, but is also sustainably made. So they turned to nature for inspiration and found it with cork skin. Each bobobark bag is carefully handmade using premium cork skin harvested from cork oaks in Portugal. The bark from the trees is harvested every seven to nine years, which does not harm the tree and actually helps the tree to grow and release more oxygen. The forest where the bark is harvested shelters many endangered flora and fauna species and combines biodiversity with eco-friendly farming.

The cork skin is polished to create a soft and supple texture like leather, resulting in a durable material that lasts a lifetime and is waterproof, while also being three times lighter than leather. And the bag is meticulously crafted to ensure long-lasting quality so you never need to replace it.


Working with nature

The bobobark bag stands out as a fine example of high-end yet ethical design. A bag that celebrates sustainability, style, function and versatility. A piece that doesn’t make you sacrifice form or function, but instead provides it all with practical access and organization, adaptable portability and timeless aesthetics. If you’re keen to step up your work carry with this chic and sustainable bag, check out the bobobark Kickstarter campaign which runs until 13 September 2019.



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