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Moleskine Non-Notebook Items

by , April 27, 2011

Moleskine Non-Notebook Items

Moleskine Non-Notebook Items

If you’re a fan of Moleskine and are capable of using the internet/blogs, you more than likely would have seen this already. But why are we posting so late? Because your editor of this amazing site got lost in a weekend of Easter festivities that spread over a 5-day long weekend! We’re back on track now though and bringing you two posts this early morning to get back on the horse. This one, and the one below it.

So back to the Moleskine Non-Notebook Items. Have ya seen ’em? Moleskine have branched out beyond their traditional line of notebooks and have introduced three new collections dedicated to Writing, Traveling, and Reading. They include bags, pens, pencils, reading glasses, cases, reading stands and USB rechargeable booklights. They, like most things Moleskine produce, look quite attractive, despite being reasonably simple and not trying to reinvent anything (all the characteristics you’ve come to adore about the notebook brand).

Need a full wrap up? Hit Wired, Core77 & The WSJ for more info, because I wanted to share the stop motion clip that got released with it all instead. As you know, we’re lovers of stop motion at the moment (as it seems is the rest of the world with the amount of stop motion clips getting released). But this one from Moleskine is pretty neat – showing how some of the bags got designed, how they can be used and just really nice design shines through in the clip. It’s quite wonderful.

Take 5 and grab a peek.


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