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Digging: TAD’s FAST Pack Scout Special Edition from the Foundry

by , June 20, 2018

I’ll admit it, I’m sipping a nice ice-cold tall glass of Triple Aught Design Kool-Aid and I’ve got about 5 gallons chilling in my fridge right now.  With all the high-end gear that comes across my desk on a daily basis, it’s not easy for me to find a brand that keeps cranking out product after product that continually impresses me.  Well, spoiler alert, they’ve done it again.  Maybe more so? Let me top off my glass of TADKA™ real quick here.


If you didn’t catch the news, Phil, Matt, and the marketing folks over at TAD launched a program to create custom low-volume special products via The Foundry, where they rely on customers to commit to purchasing products in order to launch them.  “Built to explore the boundaries of imagination, Foundry is our forge for special fabrications, unique colorways, and product experiments.” Basically, an established brand using a crowdfunding method so they are able to be more flexible and take some risks on unique products.  Some examples: the Carryology favorite Axiom 18 in Diplomat Blue VX fabric, and the I-would-kill-to-own-these White’s Boots x TAD collaboration project that is currently funding, among others.

But today we’re focusing on the newest Foundry project, the FAST Pack Scout Foundry Special Edition.  If you’re not familiar with the FAST Pack Scout, Austin Waggoner’s killer spin on the FAST line, go have a look here.  They’ve introduced this small pack to the FAST collection, making it even faster, lighter, and smaller, while keeping all of the modularity you’re used to from the Litespeed and EDC.

What makes the Special Edition Scout, well, “special”?  Simply put, the fabric.  The original Scout uses the tried and true 1000D Cordura nylon.  While brutally tough, it can be a bit heavy.

Austin made a few patterning tweaks to the Scout, so the waterproof Dimension Polyant X50 fabric shines on the pack.  As you may be well aware, the VX fabric is incredibly tough, tear resistant, and strong like Cordura nylon, but this stuff is waterproof and featherlight.  It has all the other features and amazing hardware and tricks like the original.

Oh, but did we mention the color?  Well, it’s a pattern, actually.  And it’s Multicam Alpine.  A pattern so sexy it would make a Snowtrooper blush bright red while performing recon on Hoth.

The only catch?  Like we mentioned above, there is an expiration date on these projects.  If they’re funded, everyone will get their limited edition item.  If they’re not, they’re lost forever.

So head on over and check out the Scout, reimagined with that Foundry special sauce.


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