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Carry Wishlists :: Ando

by , January 4, 2012

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

Recently, a few of us here at Carryology were throwing around some lists of bags we’d buy if money wasn’t an issue (especially with Xmas here) Rather than keeping the lists to ourselves, we figured it would be rad to ask our main contributors to write their list up, and share it with you guys. So here is the first of our top 3 backpacks and messengers lists, from one of the Carryology founders, Ando.

Ando’s carry wishlist:

“Here’s a truth about me and carry… for all the time I’ve spent in the world of carry, I carry too much. I always have. When I used to hit the high country for weeks at a time, I’d do it with a monster pack and every fun thing I could think to bring. When I go backcountry, I have the group first aid kit and every bit of avy gear you can imagine.

It means that my carry is usually on the large side, and so you’ll see that my dream list is also that way. I tell myself that at least it makes me demanding, as I’ll really notice when a waist belt is not right or a strap too narrow.

So here are some bags I love. Some I’ve already stretched for. Some I might one day. Each has a personality, a high level of refinement, and is just a little bit expensive.”


Goruck GR2

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

When you travel, you want a versatile carry that will blend into any environment. The GR2 fits that bill perfectly. It will let you fill it to one bag your trip, but also slim it down to take only the essentials to a work meeting. The quality is top notch, and the pocketing and features are clever and precise. This is a cracking pack. Keen to buy?

image via Context Clothing

Visvim 20L

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

Visvim is cooler than your grandma. Everything they produce has a personality that cuts through. The 20L is reminiscent of many bag forms before it, and it has inspired many since. But each time you see it, it still stands out. The fabrics are better, that bottom bevel is better, those grid zips add uncertainty and imperfection that only make it better. I could own 4 of these and still see ones I wanted. Keen to buy?

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

Dana Gleason is one of the world’s great Carryologists. After founding and selling Dana Designs, he moved on to found Mystery Ranch, where he makes incredible packs for military, hunters and adventurers. While I don’t dig the guns and deer heads, I do think that he understands odd loads and comfortable carriage better than most. I’ve been using the Camelbak version of this pack, and hope one day to go the whole way with the Mystery Ranch version. Keen to buy?

Wildcard >> Mission Workshop Vandal Mk II VX

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

This bag does not exist. Yet. But knowing how Mission Workshop keep improving things, and knowing the awesome direction they are taking their Advanced Projects series of bags, I’m sure it soon will exist. The Vandal breaks lots of awesome new ground, but it just needs a little refining (read our thoughts on it here) and some beautiful VX style fabrics. When they do that, I’ll be first in line.


Nike ACG Messenger

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

After seeing the Hardgraft 2Unfold a few years ago, I’d really wanted to take those principles to a more bike inspired messenger. Then in a gallery-like Nike store, down a lane in Tokyo, I saw the ACG. It had loads of the ideas I’d wanted, and added some more. It has since been evolved into the welded NSW range, however in my mind the original is still the pick of them. Keen to buy?

Porter Protect Messenger

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

For me, a messenger should really be for lighter loads. Rather than catering for long trips to far flung places, the Porter Protect lets you get easily to work and home again, with perhaps a small detour on the way. It is simple, clean, and really dialed. It works on bike, train or car, and looks good in almost any environment. Keen to buy?

Mission Workshop VX

Carry Wishlists :: Ando

For most bag designers, roll-tops are a styling statement. For the MW guys, they are one part of a dialed access and protection arrangement. Just as Hardgraft are inspiring fashion bags around the world, MW are inspiring bike bags, pushing new formats and breaking new ideas. I’d still love them to better provide for digital toys, but all that will come in time. Keen to buy?


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