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500 Miles On Foot Through the Australian Winter

by , July 28, 2015

It all begins on 1 August 2015. A journey stretching over 800 kilometres (500 miles) from Melbourne to Adelaide. An adventurous soul who will endure Australia’s winter while embracing the country’s vast and sometimes hauntingly barren landscapes. And it’s all being done on foot.

Sarah Hickey

Sarah Hickey

Sarah Hickey is soon to embark on a 31-day quest to find inspiration for her first short film “Barren”. The Melbourne-based filmmaker has written the first draft of the film but will utilize the walk as an opportunity to further refine the story. She will put herself in the shoes of the lead character and young mother Charley who loses her partner and decides to pack a bag and simply walk away (quite literally) rather than working through her grief and accepting the difficulties of single motherhood. Sarah will follow an inland route, primarily making use of the Western Highway as she walks through locations including Ballarat, Ararat, Horsham, Bordertown and Murray Bridge.

Melbourne to Adelaide map

Sarah Hickey

Not only does the walk display serious dedication to crafting a creative project, it’s one heck of a carry challenge! We’ll be supporting and following Sarah during the journey, publishing photos and updates as it unfurls. And we want you to get in on the action too…

Sarah Hickey

Share your carry tips and be part of an epic adventure!

Even though you can’t walk side by side with Sarah, soaking up the thought-provoking landscapes one step at a time, you can help to shape Sarah’s journey into an amazing adventure by making sure she has all the awesome gear she needs and no unnecessary items weighing her down.

Sarah Hickey

Sarah is in the process of assembling a list of what she’s bringing on her trip – and she needs your expert carry advice! What else should she bring? What should she leave behind? Some amazing travel hacks and tips to make the journey even better? Check out the video below and see what’s currently made the cut…

Please share your suggestions, tips, advice and anything else you think will be useful in the comments section below. 🙂

Sarah Hickey

Follow Sarah on Facebook or subscribe to barrenfilm.com and keep up to date on her adventure as it unfurls.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.