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5 Minutes with Forceprotector Gear

5 Minutes with Forceprotector Gear

by , December 1, 2014

Founded in 2005 by Ed Perez, Forceprotector Gear focuses on producing A-grade military deployment gear – and like a lot of crew these days – it comes with a hard-nosed commitment to America-made. And the military aren’t the only ones getting their gloves on this stuff – Perez’s line of bomber carry also serve the needs of first responders such as law enforcement officers and firemen and women – so it’s safe to say: this gear is tough!

To learn more about Forceprotector Gear we went straight to the source, with Ed sharing his insights on the brand’s driving motivations and creating the United States Marine Corps’ official standard issue deployment bag…

Forceprotector FPS68 and FPS82

What key insights drive your stuff?

My mission has always been to manufacture the best designed products along with providing unparalleled customer services; qualities not commonly found in our industry. Overseas manufacturers have changed the perception of “true quality” (which is constructed with the best materials and craftsmanship) and have transformed the industry to accept cheaply made products in order to rationalize cost savings.

Though there has been a very small resurgence in the interest of American-made products, the consumer still needs to understand the true value of purchasing a quality product. Paying a little more for an item which will last twice as long is as important in factoring one’s return on investment. Our customers know they are getting innovative products which are manufactured to withstand rugged use under harsh conditions.

 Industrial Stitchtech

What single product are you most proud of and why?

The Forceprotector Gear “Deployer” – I designed this bag and it is the official standard issue deployment bag for the United States Marine Corps. The Deployer is an innovative design using today’s technology to combine the form and functionality of the standard issue military “footlocker” and the standard issue military “duffel bag”. Neither of these two legacy items had seen much change over the past three centuries of combined use except for the transition from wood to metal to plastic for the footlocker, and the transition from wool to cotton duck to nylon for the duffel bag. When I designed the Deployer, I wanted to give the end user the ability to “live out of their bag,” while taking away all of the hassle of dumping it out to find something. This bag is fun and such a relief to travel with because it is so multifunctional and keeps your clothes and gear organized.

Deployer bags

Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?

The first company that comes to mind is Patagonia. Though they have moved manufacturing overseas, they try to be socially responsible on how and who makes their products. They do understand the importance of research and development and how they should not cut corners during that process.

FOR82 Marauder

Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

All brands can be improved to some degree. Again, it’s the pressure of having to resort to an overseas manufacturer to be competitive and reduce costs, consequently reducing quality.

FOR 63 Padded Laptop Case

What’s next for you guys?

Continuing our quest to replace legacy items with new and innovative equipment that can make a difference in the daily lives of military personnel as well as the outdoor enthusiast.

FOR46 Hybrid Deployment Bag - Combat Deployment Bag

What do you carry daily and how?

Of course, I use my own products to travel with but I do use a Tumi leather attaché case for business use. Tumi emerged as a trendsetter in the 1980’s when they started incorporating black ballistic nylon into their product line.

[1] Tumi wallet – I’m a big fan of the quality of Tumi, [2] car keys and key fob, [3] wood handled pocket knife – always handy to have the ability to fix things, and [4] hand sanitizer – very important to stay healthy when you are running a company and always on the go.

Ed Perez Forceprotector


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