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Carry Giveaway

Carryology x Mission Workshop x Bellroy Travel Kit Giveaway.

by , December 11, 2012

So we’ve been on a bit of a giveaway spree of late, but it’s the holiday season – the time of year to share, so we’re sharing the best we can. To round out the year, we’ve partnered up with everyone’s favourite bag company Mission Workshop and recent wallet upstarts Bellroy, to pull together quite a solid giveaway travel kit.

In the spirit of the holidays… we felt that it wasn’t enough for one person just to enter and get some killer gear all to themselves. So we decided not only will you win this travel kit but so will the friend you nominate to share in the spoils!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Enter your name and email into the form below along with the email of the friend you would like to share the winnings with and hit submit.

2. Your friend will receive an email detailing the contest and asking them if they would like partner up with you to win.

3. Once they confirm, you’ll both be entered in as potential winners!


Enter Below


By entering the giveaway, you and your friend will be signed up to the Carryology, Bellroy and Mission Workshop newsletter, which you can opt out of at anytime. But with so much great carry news why would you?

Time balance?

We’ll give it a week – winners will be drawn next Tuesday (December 18th). Don’t worry though, we’ll keep the reminders handy!


Hit us with any questions in the comments…

And if you’re already signed up to any or all three newsletters (you carry fiend!), don’t stress you won’t get resigned up again.

So what’s in this travel kit? 

Mission Workshop’s modular Field Pack along with
Bellroy’s Travel Wallet and Note Sleeve


  • Adrian

    I entered, and the person I sent the invite to confirmed, but I haven’t received a confirmation in my email – can you guys confirm i am entered?

    • Leather

      yep, all good mate. was a couple of bugs in the process – all sorted now. thanks for entering!

  • M.S

    Woop entered!

    Btw i noticed the cool picture above is missing an letter-R from the Bellroy.

    • Leather

      yeah, we had our Xmas party the day before – think we forgot to spell.. ha. all sorted now.

  • brendan

    best giveaway ever!

  • Alex Blunk

    Whats up gentlemen — Looking forward to scooping these contest winnings up!

    Hope all is well with you guys.

    • Leather

      Hey Alex,

      Good to hear from you mate.
      Hope all’s well.

      Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  • Tim

    I submitted my entry with a typo in the secondary persons email address. Can you please delete my entry?


  • Marie

    One of my friends is confused by the rules of this giveaway. He seems to think that he can’t participate in it (even as the person referring someone else) because he’s already signed up for all three newsletters. Please clarify this for his sake.
    Also, is this a ‘one entry per person’ giveaway? Or can you try to refer multiple friends and thus get multiple entries?

    • Leather

      hi marie,

      he can def participate, he just has to sign up like everyone else (but because he’s already signed up he won’t be signed up multiple times – we have a filter for that).

      so let him know he is good to go.

      and yep, one per person to keep it fair.

      • Marie

        Thanks. I will let him know when he gets back home this afternoon.

        I never received any confirmation about my entry. Did my entry go through?

  • Stephen

    Entered but the confirmation email that my friend got went to a Page not Found.

    See the Carryology giveaway page here: http://www.carryology.com/2010/12/06/carryology-x-mw-x-bellroy-giveaway/

    Thanks – my friend (My brother.. one of them) and I really would like to enter

    • Leather

      hey stephen,

      all sorted now, just a little bug that you helped us expose – thanks! should be all smooth sailing from here.


  • Sean

    If I am based in Singapore, can I participate ?

    • Leather

      sure can Sean!

  • Julien Schiess

    Hi there,

    Entered the contest as well with a friend in the loop.

    Wanted to take the opportunity to wish all the Bellroy team a happy Christmas and all the best from snowy Switzerland.
    Thank you for all the inspiration you brought during 2012, keep the pace for 2013 it is a pleasure to follow you.


    • Leather

      thanks for the kinda words Julien!

  • Kai

    I’m so excited! I hope my friend and I win this, it would be awesome! Thanks Carryology, Mission Workshop, and Bellroy!

    Hope everyone has a good holiday,

    Kai M.

    • Leather

      thanks for taking part Kai, good luck!

  • Audrey

    Entered but the confirmation email that my friend but I did not get anything if I did.
    By the way thanks for this great giveaway. Thank you (:

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  • J Jolin

    Love Belroy!

  • http://www.dylan-zd.blogspot.com Dylan Phuah

    Sending you much love all the way from Malaysia!

  • Bob Mickley

    Just wondering if you have selected a winner for the giveaway yet. Hoping I get lucky and the winner hasn’t been notified…

    • Leather

      just about to notify/release the winning names now bob… stay tuned.

      • Bob Mickley

        Awesome! Can’t wait. Sorry for my obsessive impatience.

  • Adrian

    I guess that means I didn’t win 🙁

    • Leather

      yeah, bummer Adrian – not this time… 🙁
      see below for the full spiel but in short > Tom Brenneman & Steve Mathras are the lucky winners

  • Austin Johnson

    so who won?!?

    • Leather

      see below for the full spiel but in short > Tom Brenneman & Steve Mathras

  • Leather

    soooo, after a bit of an email melt we can finally announce the winners of our Mission Workshop/Bellroy giveaway…

    taking home the sensational R6 Field Pack, Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet will be ::
    Tom Brenneman & Steve Mathras

    Well done guys. And thanks to everyone who participated. We have some big things lined up for next year for Carryology, pretty excited to share it all with you…

    For now. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

    Seasons Greetings.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.