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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 15 December

by , December 17, 2012
Week In Review ~ 15 December
This Week In Review is all about style – with a bit of adrenaline thrown in for good measure. We highlight some very covet-worthy collaborations and collections plus a snowboarder/skiier’s new best friend…

Bold, black and beautiful

Week In Review ~ 15 December
The American luggage and accessories brand Ghurka has teamed up with top-quality Japanese retailer BEAMS Plus for a collaboration that is striking in its sleek, sharp style. The Black Norwalk Twill Collection features five pieces, namely a briefcase, duffel, a small and larger weekender, as well as a compact messenger-style bag. The collection can be purchased via Ghurka’s website.

Côte&Ciel is feeling the color

Week In Review ~ 15 December
Effortlessly chic Côte&Ciel is working some nice color combinations in their Twin Touch Collection. The collection features their Isar Rucksack design, available in a choice of fabrics including Grid-Tech, Memory-Tech, Cargo Canvas and an Eco Yarn/Polyester Wool blend. These bags can transition from work to play, so depending on your work environment you may be able to add some color fun to the office before enjoying some downtime.

A bag for life

Week In Review ~ 15 December
We promised you some adrenaline and here it is, The North Face Patrol 24 ABS backpack. Okay so first off it’s got to be stated that this pack isn’t cheap. It costs $1,179. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good value for money. In fact, you’d probably be willing to pay a lot more for this pack, for the simple reason it could save your life. The pack features side airbags that are inflated via a user-activated compressed Nitrogen gas canister. The airbags are designed to keep you on the surface during an avalanche and to aid rescue thanks to their size and bright red visibility. You can check out a video about the pack here – and when you see the avalanche hurtling down, you’ll probably quickly agree that this pack is a small price to pay for providing greater safety when enjoying the outdoors.

Carry-caffeine buzz time

Week In Review ~ 15 December
Passionate about your carry and can’t live without your coffee? Well the Handsome x 3Sixteen Travel Coffee Kit is probably your dream carry piece. The bags are constructed out of Chromexcel leather in Havana Brown, Oxblood and Natural. They’re hand-sewn by Teppei Teranishi of Teranishi Handcrafted (well worth checking out for their own beautiful carry products) and incorporate brass hardware. Each kit comes with an Aeropress, filters, a 12oz bag of your favorite Handsome coffee, a Porlex mini hand grinder, as well as an AWS digital scale.The kits are out of stock on the Handsome Coffee Roasters site but if you’re quick you might be able to score one off the 3Sixteen site, where some Oxblood color kits are still available.

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Week In Review ~ 15 December
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