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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 6 July

by , July 7, 2013


Paper luggage tags get on your nerves? Wish you could covertly carry cash? After rugged reliability for your coin carry? Always on the lookout for bags and cases that offer something a little bit different in the aesthetics department? Well this Week In Review is for you…

Call out to coin carriers

If you carry coins, cards and bills and like ruggedly smooth aesthetics, this Noise coin wallet could give you something to shout about. This leather wallet which hails from the sunny climes of Portugal has a dedicated card sleeve on the back which can hold six cards. Each wallet is made to order by hand and is likely to draw more than its fair share of admiring glances whenever you pull it out.

Bag it and tag it

Paper luggage tags – love them or loathe them, you just can’t do without them when you have to check luggage in. However, Designworks and British Airways would beg to differ, partnering to introduce a new and reusable electronic bag tag that updates itself via your smartphone. The idea behind this design is to do away with the need for printing and attaching paper tags altogether and speeding up the check-in process by simply scanning the tag. The tag will be trialed by the airline this month.

Crafty concealed carry

Is the pinnacle of carry perfection obtained when it looks like you’re not actually carrying anything? Well that’s very context dependent but when it comes to carrying things you’d rather not have prying eyes see, this is a philosophy that makes sense. Enter Barrett Alley’s Smuggler’s Belt, craftily constructed with a concealed pocket on the back next to the buckle. Not visible unless the belt is removed, this handy stash pocket is ideal for carrying a spare bit of cash, a memory card or other similarly slim objects.

Travel wingman ready for action

Timothy Oulton Raleigh Spitfire hardcase

Think it’s just a dream to combine luggage and fighter jets? Well this isn’t a flight of fancy for Timothy Oulton. The brand’s Raleigh Spitfire hardcases, available in four sizes, incorporate distressed aluminium finishes designed to resemble F-14 fighter jet panels. In addition, the lining depicts a fighter jet blueprint. No doubt a design that is bound to take off with fans of flying.

Viewing design from a different angle

A lot of carry brands spend a large amount of time trying to find new angles in their approach to carry. With Pombos it’s literally all about finding the angles. The Nest collection caters to a wide range of carry needs, encompassing everything from a backpack and dopp kit to a sleeve and sports bag to name a few, and gets playful with silhouttes to produce some interesting results.

  • http://cargocollective.com/pmcf Pedro MC Fernandes

    This is great! Not only i love this blog, i also got featured! Thank you!
    BTW, it’s 44ºC here…

  • Catherine

    Hi Pedro

    Glad you enjoy Carryology! It’s a lovely wallet. :) Keep cool in those crazy temperatures!

  • Bob

    Where can you order that Noise coin wallet? I don’t see a spot on the website.

    • Catherine

      Hi Bob

      You can get in touch with Pedro if you’re keen to discuss an order. The email is orders@noisegoods.com

  • http://www.coti.com.au/wallets/mens-wallets-c-2_10.html Men’s Wallets

    I would like to buy coin wallet. I love it. It’s available in different color? Thanks for sharing..

    • Catherine

      It’s best to get in touch with Pedro to discuss possible wallet options he could provide; you can contact him via orders@noisegoods.com :-)

      • Pedro MC Fernandes

        That is correct! Thank you, Catherine!

        • Catherine

          You’re welcome. :-)

  • John

    I received my Noise wallet a few days ago. I’m very pleased with the quality and Pedro was great to deal with. Many thanks to Carryology for bringing this product to a wider audience.

    • Catherine

      That’s great, John, glad to hear it!

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