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Travelteq Trip Carry On Case

by , September 16, 2010

Travelteq Trip Carry On Case

Sometimes travel can seem like it’s all about sitting around… sitting around waiting for that taxi, flight, connection or cubicle. So it’s interesting that while some action sport brands have played with backpacks that work as BBQ seats, few travel brands have really made the best use of hard-cased luggage as a spot to park your posterior.

Until now…

Travelteq erupted on the scene some months ago, with a super styling leather briefcase and some pumping beats on their website. It looks like they’ve been busy behind the scenes as well, with a really unique new case due to hit soon.

The pictures tell most of the story, but we’re also loving the ‘activity promoting active seat angle’ and padded foam seat. The organiser looks clever and effective, and the componentry looks strong and stable.

The downside is a similar one to fast cars… by the time you can afford them, you probably won’t make the most of them. If you can lay down 600 Euro for a carry-on case, you’re probably going to have airline lounge membership and maybe even a chauffeur. Oh, and it’s a hardcase, which means it doesn’t fit tight or awkward spaces or store very efficiently when not in use.

But dang, for the next year or two, you’re going to turn some serious heads in the airport. This is a crazy cool looking case. Check it out in more detail at Travelteq


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