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Carry on Etsy

by , September 14, 2010

Carry on Etsy

We’ve blabbed before about a general Return To Craft happening in the world of carry, and how the interwebs are making it easier that ever to find a small run item to house your stuff. One of the great facilitators of this is Etsy, a craft marketplace that lets people making their own stuff find a receptive audience.

We thought we’d look at a few of the sellers that we love on Etsy.

1/ Cute little card holders that are created from leather scraps and leftover linen pieces.

2/ These are pretty unique. A wallet made from old cassette tapes, reflect on your old mixtapes while carrying your coins, notes, etc

3/Made from an old school Army Medical Pouch from the 1960’s
4/ A picnic tote that is sure to impress on that next date…

5/ We’ve tweeted about this fireman’s bag before. Loving the reflective material haha
6/ Some quite refined Irish goodness from De Bruir; iPad covers, parachute bags, a glorious aviator bag and even a pen holder!

7/ A waxed Canvas backpack that is gorgeous! It might not be as carry efficient as other bags out there, but what you lack there you make up in cosmetic appeal!
8/ Some pretty neat bike messenger bags. One in particular that has been designed specifically for the left shoulder.

9/ Some carry goods made from leather offcuts from Scabby Robot and some interesting shapes.

10/ Rib and Hull – Think Hard Graft meets Tailfeather

Or just a Vintage REI backpack that probably won’t do your back any favours, but you will be keeping it authentic haha


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.