Emily Thompson

Graphic designer by day, mountain biker and skier by downtime

A graphic designer by day, Emily has a keen eye for clean lines and uncompromising values. She works in the outdoors industry, specializing in design for action sports brands.


Ariel Wickham Earnhardt

Industrial designer and badass bike rider

Ariel Wickham Earnhardt keeps a knife and flask of scotch stashed down her boot, and enjoys kicking ass on a bike and collecting dead animal parts. With hobbies like those you’d better believe she means business. Currently this lass focuses her badassery working on the bags for Burton Snowboards in good ol’ Burlington VT.

bernard capulong

Bernard Capulong

EDC expert | Co-founder of

Bernard Capulong is a leading expert in everyday carry (EDC). He’s the co-founder and editor-in-chief of and is always searching for the most functional and stylish gadgets and gear, one pocket at a time.

Nat Wagstaff

Nat Wagstaff

Designer, outdoorsman and Pack Config founder

While Nat was researching packs for a 100km endurance hiking challenge, Pack Config was born. Running a blog that focuses on helping others improve their packs means that what he carries, daily or out on a hike, is constantly being refined. He’s also a bit of a geek and enjoys gaming with his wife and […]

JP Guilbert

JP Guilbert

Marketing Manager. Bag Collector.

JP is an eccentric type who likes to skateboard, snowboard, ride his bicycle, recently got into photography and filming, is an artist, collector, music lover, drives a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX wagon and when he wants to celebrate he’s smoking a cigar.

Zeke Kamm

Zeke Kamm

Filmmaker | World Traveler | Man of Adventure

From creating television and films for nearly every major studio in Hollywood, to his educational books, and his expanding line of travel-friendly filmmaking accessories for, 20-year Hollywood vet Zeke Kamm may look like a man of many hats (or hoods in this case). But underneath it all he is just a storyteller traveling the world, […]

Andrew Sporrer

Andrew Sporrer

Gear Junkie and Outdoorsman

Andrew has a true appreciation for the design and function of the outdoor equipment that lets him be outside longer, more comfortably, and in worse conditions.

Profile Shot Grant 2

Grant Forbes

Freelance creative person | Habitual adventure traveller

Has jumped through most hoops in the surfing industry, has designed and made lots of stuff, and in recent times built his own brand and retail surf/art gallery.


Alex Foster

modern renaissance man

Accused of being a modern renaissance man by his close friends, Alex is a do-it-all kind of guy who dabbles in, well…basically everything.


David Green

Professional Photographer

A pro photographer and videographer, David keeps lots of brands looking good day in and day out. Just like his images, you’ll get solid, common sense reviews, with a little bit of awesomeness peaking through.

Martijn Linden

Martijn Linden

Trailrunner, Splitboarder, Design Thinker.

As a creative lead for several Outdoor and Active Brands, Martijn has done his fair share of timezone travel. Always looking to combine work and play on big trips, he’s interested in getting outdoors in any climate and put gear, and himself, through the wringer. Some other current crushes include vegan cooking, bodysurfing, the creative process and whatever else floats by and he claims to know nothing about.



Writer, editor and lover of comics

Meet our new contributor, Cory Zanoni. Cory writes essays and fiction but invariably draws all over his work. He’s written for ArtsHub, edited for The Conversation and stacked sheepskins for an abattoir.

Jun Kamo

Jun Kamo

73-Year-Old Man With Calloused Hands

Jun (aka James) entered the world of backpacks by being forced to lug a 40lb pack during a 5 day hike while in scouts. He started the ‘I Hate Backpacking’ club in his troop. But hey, Batman is Batman because he feared bats more than anything. Becoming a bat made him invincible. Now Jun isn’t saying that he’s a super hero or anything, but perhaps those “horrible” backpacking moments instilled in him his deep passion for packs? Maybe not. Who knows.

Rick Lee


Outdoorsman And Thrill Seeker

Rick’s a thrill seeker. He likes to pretend that scaling a cliff or diving a shipwreck is just another walk in the park, but we all know he lives for the adrenaline kick. Choosing to live in the world rather than travel through it he’s gotten to live in some pretty amazing places: Alaska, Thailand, and Australia to name a few. The combination of outdoors and life experience has lead him to be a harsh critic of products big and small. He wonders, “is perfection too much to ask?”


John Pangilinan

Marketing and photography ninja

Based in Downtown Long Beach, John worked the agency life for a number of years before moving into the freelance world where he specializes in marketing and photography having worked in the automotive, action sports, and streetwear world. A few passions include traveling, surfing, watching MMA, and building project cars.

regular contributors

Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss

Bag nut, brand buff and blogger

Mr Zing

Bag-loving IT Project Manager

Brian Park

Marketing Hack | Videographer | Hamburger Critic
Douglas Davidson


The Brown Buffalo
Berlin Muse Header22

Cam Hassard

Musician Traveller and Penman

Frank Sedlar

Slumdogging Engineer

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Carryology Founder

John Canfield

Softgoods Designer


Carryology Founder | Industrial Designer


Managing Editor | Internet Pest

Michael Knispel

Managing Editor

Taylor Welden

Senior Editor | Industrial Designer

David Vo

Always trying to find better
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